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Has anyone had the opportunity to try out any of their discs yet?  They have several 13 speed drivers as well as some pretty sweet looking fairway drivers.  All of their discs float.  I've been looking for some decent floating discs for years and haven't been able to find any.  I used a Dragon for awhile but that wasn't a great disc.  I was excited when the Wahoo came out but then it was only released in R-Pro plastic and that was no good.  As of now, DKG only has one plastic, Copper, which the president of the company says is comprable to Pro plastic.  Not the greatest but definitely better than R-Pro.  He says they are working on releasing their discs later this year in premium plastic, and that it will float as well.  I'm stoked to try this company out!

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Double posts suck.

So I got my Protege today and threw it a few times during league. The plastic isn't all that great but the disc flew pretty well. The Protege was listed as being understable but I couldn't turn it over all that much and it had quite a bit of fade at the end. I sometimes wonder if they rate discs at lower elevation so that when we get them here at altitude they fly more overstable than rated. Anyway, the disc is also rated as "floats in water" although I had no need for that today.


All in all, not a bad disc and it will stay in the bag for now. Not completely sure of its durability however. It was easy to throw and I got decent distance.

Lol. Appreciate the Feedback none the less Jim. What speed is the Protege rated at?
Rated at 13 speed but I have no idea if that would be the same as the Innova rating. The disc is fairly small with a wide rim. It is also quite domey. I believe that it is my lack of arm speed at the ripe old age of 51 that is keeping me from getting more distance. The high speed discs don't seem to be getting me a whole lot more distance. But I will keep trying.
I just ordered them today for The Throw Shop
Is the rim like the plus molds from innova?
NO! It is VASTLY different from anything I've ever seen. There is no sharp edge whatsoever to the inner lip of the discs. Hard to explain. They feel really comfortable to hold, I just worry about it slipping out too easily/ early. I haven't thrown any of them yet though.

I picked up the wing and a prayer midrange to give it a shot. The rim is not like a lip at all. Its more akin to a pillow or a pie plate sitting on a coiled snake biting its tail. I tried to take a picture of it, but it really didnt show up. You will just have to wrap a finger around this disc to understand it.

Its true that I could not see anyone possibly grip locking but I could see early releases happening all day long. As I said, I have been using the mid-range, wing and a prayer, here and there. Its stability is pretty neutral and it is fairly glideless. I have not put a lot of time on it but I would consider it a fairly straight, fairly short mid-range with little fade. Once it slows down, it just falls out of the sky. Dont get me wrong, there are times that shot would be handy, but I am not sure it will have a permanent spot in my bag. From a drive, I get far more straight distance and accuracy using one of Skipper's Relics, and i dont really throw enough thumbers to justify carrying a disc just for it.  All in all, I think it is a fine disc that is so outside the norm that it is a blast to throw... but only as your "just for fun second shot"

I had to come back and post an update about the Protege that I bought. The disc throws fairly well if you have a big arm. I find the rim to be comfortable and not much of an issue for me. The plastic on the other hand could be described as feeling "waxy" and seems to be a softer version of DX plastic. Hit a tree and expect some major gouges. The only good thing about the soft plastic is that a lighter will quickly restore the disc back to its original configuration.


The other thing that I noticed was that the discs tends to fly great and then instead of a fade and glide you get more of a drop, the disc just sort of falls out of the air when it slows down. I don't really care for that as I will put the disc on a great line and then it just dies.


So right now I took the disc out of the bag and will put the Star Vulcan back in. It's not that it is a bad disc, it just isn't a disc that to me makes the grade, especially with its lack of glide.


That being said, I handed the disc to a friend last night and had him bomb it. He did quite well with it and even parked one hole with it. It was a fairly long hole that he reached quite easily with that disc. So there is something good there. I think that maybe with some feedback to the company and some better plastic they could make some great discs. I guess if you live near a course with a whole bunch of water their "floating disc" philosophy could be a great benefit. But for the rest of us better plastic is what is needed.

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