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I recently risked my health to go swimming in a seriously infested pond to find a disc that I threw in the day before and possibly a few others. I ended up finding 16 other discs in the process. I found a good buddy's disc and another that didn't belong to a buddy but I know the guy and I couldn't keep the disc and feel good about myself. My question is- should I return a disc to someone when I am the person that did the dirty work to retrieve the disc. I always return discs that I find on dry land, but I kind of feel like if that person wanted that disc back they would have done the same thing that I did. Is this gonna screw up my Karma!?

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I would say any disc with a name and number you atleast call once and let them know you found it. If they don't call you back then hey it's yours. I am not a believer in karma but really if you lost one whether it be in a lake or shule wouldn't you want them to call you? now if it don't have a number or name then hey what can you do. Here in cincy we have a website with a lost and found section. If you have a name and no number and have a similar website then post them there. I found a disc(beat up comet) and posted the name there but no one has ever responded. I keep it in the bag on the off chance i may run into the guy.
if there is a # there is a way. have some fun and tell him you found it on vacation in bali.
Finders keepers is for children. If it's finders keepers, then why bother giving your buddies back or changing the rule you apparently live by for someone you know. Makes no sense to me.
If you have to ask, then you know that you must young grasshopper.
Return it.
I think it depends on whether you happen to find other discs in the process of looking for your own, or whether you are going there to find a bunch of discs. If you happen to find one, return it if you can. If you are looking to provide a service for those who may not want to get wet and risk infection, set up a website, get the word out to the locals and let people pay a nominal fee ($2 - $4) to get their own disc back. If the discs go unclaimed for a couple of months sell them for fair market value. We have a similar system where I play and it works great.
I found a brand new Corvette in the parking lot yesterday at the far end all by itself, unlocked, keys in the ignition. Can I keep it? There was a name on the registration papers in the cubby hole behind the driver's seat.

You are at the top of the slippery slope. You will find your Corvette at the bottom.
A corvette and a disc are two entirely different things. Its different when you find a disc in the open and when you scower an aids infested pond cutting up your legs feet etc, probably requiring some sort of shot for the diseases potentially contracted. Most people acknowledge when there disc goes in the water its gone. Return it for a fee.
Try to do your best to return the Disc to it's rightful owner. You may even make a friend in the process or even get a reward.
Leave them all at the edge, HA, thats a good one. Return for fees. DO NOT LEAVE THEM ON THE EDGE OF THE POND.
We found a jeep in the nevada desert and were told by law enforcement that since it wasn't reported stolen we could tow it out, put in the newspaper and if it wasn't claimed in 2 weeks we could get a salvage title and keep it. So we did. I imagine if you found a corvette parked in a pond you could do the same. Possession is 9/10 of the law and those discs were abandoned. So its your call. We're not talking about family heirlooms here!
A corvette in a parking lot was left there on purpose in a designated place designed for that purpose. Not remotely similar in any way, shape or form to a disk abandoned in a pond collecting slime! Correct me if I'm wrong but if this course is public I think a park ranger could call every number on those discs and give them a $200 ticket for littering.

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