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I recently risked my health to go swimming in a seriously infested pond to find a disc that I threw in the day before and possibly a few others. I ended up finding 16 other discs in the process. I found a good buddy's disc and another that didn't belong to a buddy but I know the guy and I couldn't keep the disc and feel good about myself. My question is- should I return a disc to someone when I am the person that did the dirty work to retrieve the disc. I always return discs that I find on dry land, but I kind of feel like if that person wanted that disc back they would have done the same thing that I did. Is this gonna screw up my Karma!?

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Return every disc found, ever. There's never an excuse not to. You don't know the circumstances. Could have been thrown in by a 7 year old kid not allowed to go swimming without his parents (Marcos at Lakeshore for example). Or it could have been thrown in an hour earlier and someone went home to get swim trunks. Either way, it's theirs and they lost it. Might have to legally attempt to return it in some jurisdictions, and on private land it is the property owner's to keep and return, by law.
If you find a disc thats not yours, and you put it in your bag, ITS STILL NOT YOURS. Return the disc, and get your own disc just like the rest of us. Either buy them or win them. If you return a disc to me, I will either let you keep it or give you a new one because the one you have I was seriously missing. Keeping a found disc that identifiably belongs to someone, not you, please return it, because in my opinion, you are stealing it if you don't.
Absolutely return it. Let the person getting it back suggest a reward.
Don't mean to sound like Sigmund but the fact that you merely ask the question tells me that subconsciously you already know the answer to your query.
By all means, at least make the attempt to return the discs.
I always try to return lost discs. Providing there is return information on it. I have a disc I got from someone else. It had an I.D. on it. I called the person and that person said they lost the disc about two years ago and had out grown it. They let me keep it. I'm glad because I liked the disc.
Also there are alot of reasons that an individual never found there lost disc. There may be be a story involved as to why the disc was not retrieved. Better to return it if you can and possibly get a story out of it. Also... what if the disc is not I.D'ed?
What then?
hey the discs are in the water and abandoned, name or no name the person was not willing to retrieve it so they made the choice to walk away. The reasons for returning a friends disc don't need to be discussed. Its nuts to think some one else should return your abandoned discs,you give up ownership when you walk away.
So what did you do Jeff? I think you found your answer on this forum.
Ok. Thank you everyone for your advice. I will be honest with you I was bound and determined that I did the work that someone didn't and it was my right to keep it. It still might be my right, but not the most rewarding decision. Out of sixteen discs found there were a grand total of 4 that were marked. I can't believe so many people don't mark their discs! I was actually unsuccessful in finding my disc. The reason that I went in after my disc is that the 16 dollars that I spent on it was actually more than I should be spending at all with my current financial situation. My old backpack is pretty full with a lot of unmarked discs that I am enjoying playing with and I will definitely return every marked disc I find even if I spent some effort to get it. BTW Jack Moore, what I said was not over the top, I ended up with diarrhea for two weeks after my little swim and will never do it again. Leaving unmarked discs by the pond might seem like a good idea if you have a bag full of discs and don't need any to continue playing the game but to me that would be ridiculous. Thanks for all of your advice. Oh, and about the two other marked discs, one guy actually told me to keep his star tee rex, and the other number was disconnected.
if you put the time in effort in that someone else didnt want to then they're yours. if anything i would change a fee to buys it back.
dam for two weeks!!! what the hell were you in? was it just stagnant water or something worse?
If you can afford to, you should follow up with a doctor. You can get parasites and other nasties that might not give you symptoms until they have done some damage.

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