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I recently risked my health to go swimming in a seriously infested pond to find a disc that I threw in the day before and possibly a few others. I ended up finding 16 other discs in the process. I found a good buddy's disc and another that didn't belong to a buddy but I know the guy and I couldn't keep the disc and feel good about myself. My question is- should I return a disc to someone when I am the person that did the dirty work to retrieve the disc. I always return discs that I find on dry land, but I kind of feel like if that person wanted that disc back they would have done the same thing that I did. Is this gonna screw up my Karma!?

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I agree.
Well said.
Best choice. Return it.
The value of a trusted beat-in disc far exceeds that of any replacement disc I could buy. So return my plastic, please, wherever you find it.. I'll do the same, when they're marked (there is such an amazing amount of unmarked plastic that I find on various courses it never fails to astound).
Who's to say they didn't look for an hour or more and come up short? Maybe it's their favorite disc. Always return a marked disc free of charge. It's the spirit of the game. Usually you'll be offered a disc in return if it was someone favorite.
I don't get this returners fee...let's say I throw a beat in prize of a destroyer in a pond...I'm incapable of getting to retrive it for any reason...pdga rules state that if you look for three minutes and can't find it you have to walk away, what if I'm finishing up a pdga sanctioned event. I'm not for certain on the wording of this but I'm fairly certain that a rule such as this is stipulated in the rulebook, but I digress...so I'm finishing up my event when all of a sudden johnny blue shoes and mary long putt show up to play a weekend game. they too throw a disc in said pond and jump in to retrieve it...they find my disc in the pond, call my phone and demand a 3 dollars returner fee...in any situation such as this I'd tell them to put my disc back in the pond and I'll go find it...plastic is expensive enough as it is. alot of people including myself play disc golf because it's cheaper than ball golf...I don't have the money to go get a replacement disc let alone pay you 3 dollars for my two year old loved on piece of plastic. some can argue that if you like it that much you'll pay the returner fee to get it back, but I say put yourself in that same situation. what if your disc gets stuck in a tree and you can't climb it because your old bones won't allow it...you try and try and try to knock it down with water bottles, rocks, the sort(we've all been there), you finally walk away frustrated, twenty minutes later a gust comes through and knocks your disc down. there is no way you can justify to me that a gust of wind could cause me to pay you for picking it up. I'll give a reward when a reward is due, if someone finds my cheapo dx disc that I didn't really care about, keep it. if someone finds my star boss that has nailed 80,000,000 aces, yeah I want it back, but I'll give you a disc for it, or I might give you money, but you can't go into the situation expecting anything other than being courteous

but either way, call the number on the disc, if it's not marked merry christmas but I don't know how you can throw a disc you know isn't yours at the course where you found it.
I also think that you should return that disc.
The answer is very easy. If someone else found your disc, would you want them to give it back to you? Of course you would. If there is a name and or number on it, give it back.
I would definitely want someone to return my disc if they found it in the water. Even though I would want someone to return my disc doesn't mean that I expect them to return it. My intention with this post was to draw a distinction between going in the water to find discs and finding one on the ground, in a tree, etc. I really wouldn't think anything less of someone who decided that they did the work to retrieve a disc out of the water and I didn't so they deserve to keep it. I will make an effort to return any marked disc because I find it is more rewarding than keeping it. If you find my disc in the water and you decide to return it great! thank you! If not, I'm glad someone is using it rather than it remaining on the bottom of the pond where I left it.

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