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I am a new player with no past experience. I really started playing in September, and I play everyday. The winter has been rather wet here in France, so I've been using towels - and I chose microfiber towels rather early, which means that I have little experience of regular towels.

Now I noticed that after a round of play, my hands are dried up, which is an issue both in terms of durability of these very-difficult-to-replace items and (more importantly for a truly dedicated discgolfer) in terms of grip. After a whole tournament last week-end, I am only recovering now (Thursday) - and I've been using lots of hand cream.

I was wondering whether this was a normal phenomenon, or something that has to do with microfibers (or is aggravated by them). The point of these extremely efficient fibers is that they lock up moisture, grease, dust etc... instead of shoving the stuff around. I assume this applies to sebum, which is badly needed by the human skin. In other words, if they do it to the disc, they do it to you.

So my question to experienced players who have switched from regular towels to microfibers is: did you notice any difference with respect to hand dryness?

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your proboly rubing your hands after each throw the rubbing of wet flesh just peels the skin off! use a regular towel and blot yer hands and rub the disc
I was lucky enough to work at a ball golf store and get a lot of free stuff from suppliers, so i use a very nice golf towel that will last me for years.

Speaking of towels, these just came out and they look sweet! Awesome for wet days to dry your discs!

Thank you everyone for these valuable contributions!

I guess steve sevonty is right: the whole process of rubbing one's wet hands just peels the skin off . That's why at the end of a tourney I experience this "velcro" feeling with microfibers too (even though the hardest surface I hit in my job is the computer keyboard).

I do think microfibers tend to aggravate this (as I said: they're super efficient, if they pick up debris, they pick up skin debris), but it would take scientific studies to show it consistently. In the meantime, I will try the various suggestions and keep my moisturizing cream in the bag... although the bad days seem to be over on this side of the Atlantic. I have to say it feels extremely good to be able to pick up a dry disk from the grass and just throw it again :o)
OMG! Mark Ellis posted a reply in my first thread!!! omg!omg!

Your sponsor's towels take 2 years to break in? They must be ESP towels then :oD

Anyway, thanks for the reply, also generally for all the good videos and advice, which I have found most helpful (although as my avatar picture shows, I have yet to fully implement the Putting confidence Program). Oh, and that ace this winter... awesome. I hope Discraft treats you very well, because if my newbie's bag came to be filled with 80% Discraft stuff without even thinking about it, I know it's not the big arms who did it (although I respect and admire them very much).
Just a reminder to everyone, don't use fabric softener when washing/drying your golf towels (or the ones for home use, as well). Fabric softeners inhibit the natural absorbency of fabrics so your towels will work better on the course if you don't use softeners. They might be all staticy and stuck together coming out of the dryer, but they will absorb better.
Seek advice from a dermatologist, you have a skin problem, not a towel problem.
Microfiber towels are best to remove mud and debris from discs.
Finish drying discs with regular towel and use regular towel for hands and face.
Microfiber towels become less sticky after a few washings...
Then they will not pick up as much debris if you drop it, but still superior to a regular towel.
In Florida, you sweat a lot and need a big towel dedicated to You and not discs.
We also have a lot of water hazards and mud, the microfiber towel quickly removes debris and then one more smaller regular towel dedicated to discs for moisture removal.

I am heading to FL soon for vacation...I guess I need to pack a few more towels...lol. Or...I will just use the ones from the maids cart outside our hotel room...lol.
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I think the problem with your hands drying up is related to the winter weather, not the towel. I have noticed that as I age, my skin dries out more quickly in the winter that it did when I was younger. A really good hand cream will work wonders on this problem. If you can find it, bag balm work the best.
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