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Just wondering how many people have a lost disc returned to them.  It seems to me that unless a regular player finds the disc it is to never be seen again. Is this the norm outside of Michigan????  And yes all the discs are signed with phone# and PDGA#b

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That is the longest sentence that I have ever read.
Got one of two lost
One word. Baseball. I have gotten them out of the top of a tree with one good shot. Better than leaving them. Problem is I got the baseball stuck in the tree. I gotta buy me a new one tomorrow.

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Nothing to do with my name. Just a song.
im a city worker whats is a sentence lol
I usually throw all my discraft discs in the lake.
i only have had 3 discs returned to me
I've lost 20+ discs since I started playing and I've only ever got two of them back. It just happened that yesterday I got my flat top 12x Firebird back. I lost it last year in August. I lost it on hole 3 at Kincaid and this guy found it on hole 10. So, somebody found it, used it, then lost it again. It is because of things like this that make me lose faith in humanity that they don't even try to get a hold of you or call you. I put my name, number, and PDGA# on all my discs.

I always call a person when I find a disc a couple of times over a week or two. If I hear nothing back, then I guess they didn't want the disc. If I find one with no name on it, not much I can do, but I do ask people on the course that I run in to if it is theirs.
Let's talk numbers - specifically percentages. What percent of discs that you lose are returned to you - presuming you have your phone number on your disc?

Sean Perkins just wrote he's lost 20+ discs and gotten 2 back. That's 10%. That's about where I am - maybe a little better. I've gotten about 20% of my lost discs returned. That's a disappointing number, but my bet is that it isn't uncommon.

I return 80% of the discs I find. The 20% not returned aren't returnable - no identifier, place, or a phone number that's not working anymore.
I always call- no matter what. I've recieved a few calls as well.

Not to justify it, but I think a major difference between thiefs and callers is who they play with and how many discs they own. I would be embarresed to get caught with one of the players discs that I might run into at a event. It'd also be more hassle for me to incorporate your crappy disc into my bag then it'd be to return it.
Around here in Wichita, no, I don't get them back. If I lose them at a tourney elsewhere, I usually do.
I view it as a karma thing. I'm spreading the word by letting others throw my plastic. I do return plastic that I find if it's marked. If it's unmarked, I put it in the club's lost & found.
It is pretty normally out in washington too, unless you play out at Dailiwood which is considered a public course but it sits on Scott Poppas property and so normally people will turn in a disc they find to him and he gives them two dollars in his pro shop, then you pay 2 bucks to get it back. We also have a course out here that has a guy who has a search and rescue dog that goes out and finds discs and he returns them for free.
In the past 8 months since really getting into the sport ive lost 6 discs in tourneyments and just shooting to many off the pad to find one in a field or what not and out of those 6 discs ive gotten all but one back and i lost it into a lake that was to deep to swim or wade to get my plastic back.

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