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Just wondering how many people have a lost disc returned to them.  It seems to me that unless a regular player finds the disc it is to never be seen again. Is this the norm outside of Michigan????  And yes all the discs are signed with phone# and PDGA#b

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yup had this happen today @ robert morris. me and my friend were on hole 8 i sink my putt, pick up my bag and we move on with only one group of four behind us. we get to hole 10 since 9 doesn't have a basket. i look in my bag going to pull out my 175g blue champion viking and it wasn't in there meaning i left it back on hole 8 out in plain sight near the basket where i putted from so we go back up to hole 8 run into the group who was behind us and i ask them if they picked it up and i even gave a description of what it was and there answer was no even though i knew they were lying i went back up to hole 8 and looked where i putted from and of course it was gone and i won't get it back even though my name and cell phone number was on it only problem i have with not getting it back is that leaves me with one driver two mid ranges and two putters and no money to replace the viking.
Now that's the shit that really pisses a person off. I left one by a basket a couple of weeks ago and before teeing off on the next hole I realized my mistake and asked the group behind us and they gave me the disc right away. But when the same thing happens and they just lie to you, there is nothing you can do. It's like, "C'mon are you that hard up for discs that you need to lie to people"? I knew a guy one time who was a little crazier than me and he actually ripped open a guy's bag and pulled his disc out. It was nutty for sure. When you see these young guys you just have to wonder about the morals. Lost is lost, but if I come back to ask you because I just realized that I left it then don't be a dick. They'll get theirs in the end when somebody fucks them over and I will be secretly laughing in my sleep.
sorry i drop out of school a long time ago and any correct writing went along with it
True that, I've been saved by golf balls, baseballs, and water/Gatorade bottles more than once.
That is awesome, I'd like to meet a guy like that and shake his hand on pure GP.
Lost 8 none returned.....returned 12....does karma really exist???
What I have started doing is dying my disc so they all look really good....then I dye my info on the disc knowing nothing will get it out. So if I see you with my disc...I'm taking it plain and simple. Oh how about this though....our course designer and guy in charge of disc golf for the city in our area finds our disc and gives them to beginners and schools. If he doesn't... he offers to sell you your disc back for $5. Guy accidentally left his bag one night at the course cause he was going to Hawaii for 3 months the next morning. So this guy finds it(and knows the dude well) takes the bag home. When the guy gets back he called him asking if he had his bag...the director told him he would sell him his disc back for $5 and his bag as well. IT's these kind of things that really get under my skin.
We have a lost and found bin at our local course. If i know the player, I'll hand deliver it to em or leave it with the guys in the pro shop. If its not marked I'll toss it in the bin.

I've personally had pretty good luck with my discs being returned. The guys at the shop usually have it the next time I play. Had one get stuck in a tree and someone got it, played with it for a while, lost it, and it ended up in the bin. I was tossing in a disc I had found and saw my old orange Polaris LS... old faithful had found her way back to me... with some other mans initials scribbled on her. The guy had actually used a sanding wheel on a dremel or something to take my info off.
Funny thing happened this weekend regarding returning discs. I threw my Nuke into the woods on hole 11 at the local coarse yesterday. As I walked into the woods there was a fairly new orange star Wraith laying there with no name or number on the disc no more than 10 feet from my Nuke. As always when I find a disc with no number to call, I consider it mine. Today before I play a round I put the disc in my bag after writing my name and number on the disc. Used it on a few holes and find out I really like this disc. Moved on to the other local coarse and meet 2 guys and play a round of doubles. On one of the holes I pull the disc out and one of the guys says he lost one just like it on hole 11 at the other coarse the day before. I in turn handed him the disc, which he almost didnt take it back, but I insisted since I knew it was his. And told him to make sure he puts his name and number on it in case he loses it again. As far as me getting my discs back, I have had 1 of 3 returned.
Not sure if that's a happy ending.....or not.....? ; )~
I'll probably get flamed for this....but I don't get all the fuss. I know I have only been playing for 8 months, but I already am a veteran as to lost discs. I have lost them in creeks, tree-stands, culverts, thick brush, and of course, in Hendersonville lake. Never got a single call, but if I had, I would have told the guy/girl to keep it and enjoy! I say, shake it off. Someone else is using the disc. I've found a few in my time playing, none with phone numbers. A guy I know fishes discs out of the lake, and he plays with them. He doesn't have a pot to piss in, so I applaud his efforts to retrieve discs to use. Its plastic, after all. Just plastic.

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