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Just wondering how many people have a lost disc returned to them.  It seems to me that unless a regular player finds the disc it is to never be seen again. Is this the norm outside of Michigan????  And yes all the discs are signed with phone# and PDGA#b

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Always keep a eye on your disc when thrown. There are lurkers out there ready to snag your killer Plastic. Happend to me a few times !!!!
The last disc that I lost I think that I left it by the hole in doubles. I walked back and asked the group that was playing behind us and they said that they hadn't seen it. Liars. What are you going to do? I kept thinking that I would somehow get that disc back since it was an old KC Pro TeeBird in great shape and I had that disc for probably seven years. Anyway, now I have a nice Star TeeBird that I got off of Ebay and I no longer miss the old plastic. Sometimes it's hard to let go. But new plastic rules.
Twice,only land lost discs and never water discs.The water fairies/wood elves must be enjoying the rest.Karma will catch up with those who know better.
Then where did it go? They were the only ones behind us and it didn't just vanish into thin air. I went back immediately to where I last saw it. The only other possibility was that someone just happened by, but that seems unlikely. Anyway, I really don't care anymore since I have new better plastic.
I do the name and number, but for the most part once it's lost, goodbye. I have had a return by a local pro named chris at tuscawilla and that was a surprise since I usually never hear a thing. I've actually lost a new disc and a month later saw some f*c*er using it right after using his cell. I kindly walked up to him and snatched it out of his hand and said, "thanks for the call!"
Sometimes, is the best I can say. The funny thing is. When I find a disc I will call the people, but I have yet to return one. They either never call back or I've left them in a "secret spot". Every time I've gone to check on the disc, it was still there.
What also cracks me up. Is when people only put their nickname on it. I found a well worn CE Teebird with only "Chaz" written on it. I tried like heck to find the owner since it was an expensive disc, but no such luck. Go figure!
Man, what is it with you and double? lol!!
Lost 6, all at Oak Grove in Pasadena. Gotten 2 back.
True situation.
Hit a tree on hole #1.
Disc did not sink in the pond as they usually do.
It floated!
Came by the hole halfway through the round and the disc was still floating, but too far away to be reached.
After the round was finished, guess?
Yes the disc was gone! Never to be returned......
It is annoying.

i got one that jst happend to me today i was playing a round w/ a friend when i noticed one of my disc missing so after the round i start walking the course backwards to see if i could see where it fell out i only got a couple of holes left when my cell rings and it was sum little girls saying she had my disk w/ two lil boy giggling in the background i was thinking it was the three punks i had seen earlyer throwing softball size rocks at the basket i was thinking i new one of them got it sumhow staying calm as i could trying to get a address or see how i could get it back i finally got one after offering a lil money well half way over ther they call back with another address i was thinking im not getting it back but sure enuff when i came a round the corner ther was the little girl holding my buzzz 2nd Ace disc karma is good a lil while back i found a friends disc that i returned to him i think i jst might put it on the wall now
I have only lost two disc and one of them was returned the next day.
The one that kills me is when it is a very unique disc. My good friend lost his pink wraith, named and numbered, dyed with the batman symbol, given to him by his girlfriend as a christmas present, up in the tallest tree on our local park. That alone was a feat in and of itself. Well, he spotted it, but being 75 feet up he couldn't retrieve so he told all of his friends about it and to keep an eye on the tree for him. The very next day was 35 mph winds. The disc had no hope of staying up that tree. 2 hours after the storm passed, he booked out to the field and checked the tree. The disc was down but nowhere to be found! He saw some kids on the 18th hole (the tree was on 13) so he tried to go over to ask. The kids booked it when they saw him coming. He didn't get a good look at the kids faces but seriously, who doesn't notice a pink batman disc? We both live on a college campus and it is a good chance that these kids are students here. My friend is very well know with all of the disc locals, so a hit has been put out on the kids. You don't steal a man's pink batman disc. You just don't

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