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Actually we probably have two. But we have a local guy who likes to play disc golf, is in his 50s and nobody likes to play with him. He is always a bit angry and hard to get along with. He brings his dog to league, doesn't put it on a leash, and doesn't pick up after it when it takes a dump. And then you have to listen to him yelling at his dog when you are trying to throw. On top of all of the aggravation that he causes other people he will absolutely go off the handle if you happen to be talking when he goes up to throw. I don't make a habit of talking while others are trying to throw but I am human. Instead of asking politely for me to be quiet he has gone off on a major rant and then blamed his poor shot on that.

Yesterday morning he showed up for league along with quite a few other people. I started taking money because nobody ever wants to run things so I just go ahead and do it. He was there while I was taking other people's money. With about ten minutes to go he and a friend of his walk off to a spot in the trees to smoke some herbal medicine. I keep taking money and with about three minutes to go I yell "Bring it in". He and his buddy don't come up. I ask everyone what to do because we want to start. He has not even told me that he is going to play so I'm not sure whether the two of them are in or not. Everybody says to go ahead and flip. We all flip and have our partners when all of a sudden he walks up with his friend and starts yelling about how he didn't drive all of the way there and not be able to play. I remind him that I called "bring it in" three times. Another friend of mine calls him a moron and he then says "Call me a moron again and I will deck you". My friend walks right up to him, calls him a moron and says "Go ahead and hit me". They didn't fight but it was indeed the best entertainment since nobody really likes this guy.

I will say that I tolerate him and I have played OK in the same group as him. He is a decent player and has won in doubles a few times. But he is old and grouchy and needs to learn how to not be an a$shole.

How many of you have someone like this around. He always is the reason for the problem but never wants to apologize. Instead he would rather blame it on someone like me because he said that I didn't yell "Bring it in" loud enough. I tell people that I am not a babysitter and people need to take responsibility and act like adults. I have been called many names for having that attitude but I am not a babysitter. Grow the f^ck up please! I know that you are able to read a watch or cell phone clock. He made eleven people wait simply because he wanted to get high and not pay attention. Since when does life work that way?

End of rant.

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definitely sounds like someone that would ruin the vibe of what otherwise is a very relaxing activity. if I were in a league with someone like that, I'd call to vote him out. but that's just me.

I'm not sure we could do that but I'm sure that there are many people who would like to do that. Maybe next week he won't show up. I actually had one person trying to defend his actions yesterday.


It definitely ruined the vibe because we all had to flip again for partners. Luckily I was not in his group and my partner and I came in second and got our money back.


My doubles partner told me that someone once asked our pesky irritant guy for some advice in disc golf. His reply was to not be hateful or judgemental. LOL. He can't follow his own advice.

I've only met ONE guy like this thus far. EXACTLY the same from the sounds of it. I was out playing a local course with my two boys. Old guy comes up behind us, so we let him play through. Never said a word to us. His shot off the next tee wound up high in some trees. I pointed out where it went to him and BARKED at me, "I know where the F----n thing went." I was Immediately Pissed cause I had a 9 and 5 year old with me. I gave him a look and walked off not wanting to make a scene in front of my kids. 

We caught up to him a couple holes later at a teepad. ALL of us held Perfectly still as we got within 30 ft of the pad. NO NOISE, NO MOVEMENT from us, NOTHING.... He ganks a shot Way right into a tree and turns around and yells, "Why don't you keep those F----n Kids QUIET!" I immediately starting losing composure. I told him to watch his mouth and they had not made a noise. He started Spouting off swearing. I put my bag down and walked straight toward him. He stopped yelling as I started walking at him. I got about 10ft from him and told him as calmly and quietly as possible that he was completely out of line, really pissing me off, and if he didn't just walk off, I was going to shut him up and call the cops. He immediately turned and left.

On the way out I asked some course locals who the guy was. They said he was a local Jerk that shows up to doubles drunk, pissed off, and tries to start fights by being a total prick to everyone. I told him what he said in front of my kids and they said they would make his Doubles round very interesting that week.....

Sounds quite similar except our local guy isn't a drunk, just an angry older stoner.


I had to call my doubles partner from yesterday to ask him exactly what our guy's advice statement was because I couldn't remember. We both broke out laughing about his advice to not be hateful or judgemental. He forgot self-centered and neurotic. As we say, "one bad reaction to some blood pressure medication away from a meltdown".

Dang, just think what he'd be like if he wasn't stoned!
because of people like that is why i dont play in leagues or tournaments  anymore i just go and have fun with my friends and enjoy the game.
Our league is usually pretty cool and I had fun yesterday. It was fortunate that he wasn't in my group. That saved me from having to listen to a lot of nonsense.
Don't let him play. Tell him the group took a vote and he's out.

Is this the same "flip cheater" you started a discussion on in Sept? You said you didn't baby people around there, so call him out. Sounds like he's got everyone scared.

No. Flip cheater was someone else. This person is someone that almost everyone has a story about. Just today I talked with somebody who had him as a doubles partner and didn't enjoy playing with him because of his attitude.

We've got a guy somewhat like that.  There are two regulars who won't play if they are paired with him (unlikely because we pair pro/adv with int/rec) or even put in his group.  He's okay alot of the time, but like an unstable volcano he can go off at any time.  Everyone has an unpleasant story starring this guy.  He got stabbed once years ago by a guy he popped off to in his car in a bad neighborhood.  Whenever I see his car coming two minutes before the flip, I cringe a little.  I personally haven't had much trouble with him because when he starts working himself into a rant, I tell him I don't want to hear about it and walk off or I tell him to leave.  He puts in work at the park and does more work than a majority of club members, but it is really not worth it.  Oh well, he is our cross to bear!



Obviously this guy has not mastered the true 'zen' of the game or life in general.

Unfortunately there can always be someone, either by a bad day, or unfortunately "all the time - a real hole."


If this has become more of an obstacle for peaceful play, discuss it with those in your group about 'how' everyone would like to handle the situation.

Expect confrontation when approaching this guy. Give him an option of follow the 'conduct' rules or be gone.

And by experience don't take this all on by yourself. He will hopefully see 'beyond his world' (hopefully) that everyone else sees a problem.

But most unlikely he will not. Sad but true. Everyone sees things differently, especially those on the extreme. It is usually all about them.


And all this has nothing to do with age. Seen various ages act this way..

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