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1) When was the first time you ever played Disc Golf ?

It was back in the early 90s.  I was in the Navy, stationed at the Naval Hospital San Diego.  A friend of mine at the time got me out of the barracks and we walked down and over the valley to a place called Morley Field.  It was funny cause on side of the valley was the Naval base and the other side was Morley Field.  We didn't play in any tournaments or with any groups.  It was a small group of Navy guys playing a couple of rounds of Disc golf on the weekends.  No stress.


2) When Disc Golf was fun and innocent ?

I had gotten out of the Navy back in 2000.  I was a single parent of three children.  Someone told me about a place called Barnett Park in Orlando.  I had bought myself a set of discs and a couple for my children.  We would go play at barnett on the weekend and have a BBQ afterwards or let them skateboard at the park.


What am I talking about ?  Do you remember when Disc Golf was fun ?  No stress, no competition, no getting upset when a Bogey comes along or worse yet a double or triple.  Do not get me wrong.  I love the sport and I am doing my best to grow.  But I see so many people taking the sport seriously.  I can see if they are competing in the World's against other world competators.  But most of us are "Joe Smoes" playing a game.

Prime example.  I play with the Tuscawilla Group on Sundays.  My handicap there is a 2.  When I played in the Open, I shot 5, 5, 4 and then 10 over Par.  Then last week, I played with a different set of discs, and just had fun, I shot one over par.

Have I got to the point where I care too much about winning my money back in "Handicap and or Doubles" play and I have stopped having fun.  That is what I see (in others and in myself).  Who can look over a bogey or worse and smile ?

It is like Christmas.  Everyone is so wrapped up with what they need to get others and what they may get themselves, that people have forgotten what Christmas is all about.

Have I gotten that way ?  Have you ?  Are we so wrapped up with getting better, getting better discs, beating everyone, trying to be the best ?


What about the SPIRIT of Disc Golf ?

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i have only been playing for six months, but i already see what you mean. some people take it too seriously, most dont though. i love the game, love playing in local tournaments, and love trying to sharpen my skill. but most of all i love just playing the game and having fun while playing. yes, i have acouple of days where i throw my bag in the air mad and screaming like a crazy person because of a bad day or losing a disc or two, but the most important thing is having fun. the rest of the game will fall in line ifyou can just have fun.
'94, I just went with a buddy to the Brent Hambrick Course North of Columbus half a dozen times, then picked it back up about 5 years ago and haven't looked back since. Love me some disc golf!

I remember when:

There were not any disc golf baskets at Tuscawilla Park, Daytona Beach!

The first day cleaning up and finding a pepsi bottle full of crack needles.....

Started playing  1983 and still love the game no matter how I'm playing. My kids are beating me now, must have been a good teacher, or getting old.

Hey Dragon daddy Vic,we played object/target frisbee back in the 60's & 70's.Summer time was freedom to roam all over town,neighborhoods,parks,walking/biking distance with frisbee in hand.Not a worry in your mind except home before dark.Phone call if you were staying/eating with one of the many friends we all had.


Disc golf is still fun .The tourney's, I play Rec and enjoy the age difference within groups I throw.I personally take away many aspects of the game that day,good & bad.The Sarasota AMS was a meeting of new/old acquaintance that one enjoys in this sport.

Christmas Spirit can be like the "Chains" that bound Jacob Marley to walk/haunt forever the "greed" in one's self.Be the Spirit which enjoys life,good and bad.

.."do you remember the day we met.." you know the rest of the song. ;>}





Dang. I LOVE the COMPETITIVE side. That is FUN for me. I just started back in March 2011 and have gone from shooting +10-12 rounds (9 holes mind you) to shooting -2 rounds on a course I have never played. I hope to get into the Competitive side of DG this next year, and Honestly, I am hoping to turn Pro at some point in the next few years. That is what makes DG FUN for me. A casual round with friends and Kids is AWESOME, BUT, so is the competitive round, for me. :)
Do you remember the day we met
How we made our way in fits and starts
Do you remember the day we met
How we played our roles in silent parts
Oh what a day we had
Oh what a day.

Do you remember the day we met
How we kissed the way they do in France
Do you remember the day we met
How we lost our tongues before the dance
Oh what a day we had
Oh what a day.

Photographs of junior high
Your hair was straight and so was I

Do you remember the day we met
How we scandalised the scripture class
Do you remember the day we met
How we walked away on broken glass
Oh what a day we had
Oh what a day
Oh what a day we had
Oh what a day.

It was my honor to have met you.

One day we will play side by side versus

against each other (so to speak)

I understand what you are saying Jeff.

It is human nature or should I say MAN's nature to compete.

To prove who has the biggest D*#K.

To prove who's the Alpha.

And when we win, we beat on our chests and shout out our manly yell for all to hear.

But honestly here.

Who has shot a double or triple bogey, or lost a disc and yelled out "I LOVE THIS GAME" for all to hear?

I hear ya Brother DD! I HONESTLY HAVE screamed how muchI LOVE this game after shooting 6 over on a hole...... I hear ya. I don't want to compete because I want to know my "D!@#" is bigger than yours or that I am the "BEST". I just love to push MYSELF, and this game allows me to do that. That's all. I am VERY competitive with ME, most of all. That is where the FUN is for ME. :)
just last week i shot a triple bog on one hole and after i said " i guess i needed the practice on that one ! " with a smile on my face of course .

Anyone can have fun while they are playing well.

But to enjoy yourself while playing like shit is a true sign of character

and professionalism to me.

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