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My first was at the old Dallas course on Skillman, across from Lake Highlands H.S.
It was on hole four, about 330 feet slightly down hill, not too much a grade but a slope really. Between to rows of tall cedar trees sitting about a hundred feet apart and spaced at about twenty feet between trees.
I threw a Lightning B2 Stealth, which was a huge dinner plate, and flat like a pancake. It flew pretty straight, only jumping up and down a few inches at a time all the way down the fairway, then about twenty-five feet in front of the basket, it veered left and headed straight at the chains. Solid hit.
The next thing I know, I'm on the ground on my back, kicking my feet in the air and screaming like a banshee. Good stuff man.
I'll never forget my first, almost like it was yesterday and it was way back in 1991.

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Great idea for a thread!

my first ace was at an object course in eugene. it was/is a great object course out at Laurelwood ball golf course and for a long while eugene's only 18 hole disc golf course. anyways back in 01' i threw my brand new gateway Spirit on a 250ft hole on an annie line, it flexed back in and pegged the plastic ring that was attatched to the tree. no loud "ching", no "gong" from the tone, just a loud "thud!!".

it was the beginning of what is now an addiction. :)
Yeah, the pictures are cool. I keep checkin back to see whats been added. Its funny, we love this sport enough to have the photos or the disc on the mantle or wall. I was worried it was just me.

Nascar Dave said:
man I like the pictures, they add to the thread, and I love hearing about the aces
mine came shortly after I made a thread here about how long you had played till your first ace :)

hole #6 at BB owen.earlier this year. it's 340+ I think but downhill and wide open for the most part.it was a huge hyzer skip ace with my newly dyed Wraith. I was playing on my own but let out a "woo-hoo!!"

and was glad that as I walked down to the basket two guys were playing 7 back up and gave me a 'gratz' .

1973 . Telephone pole ace , from across the street with a Blue Super Pro frisbee. Sorry , no baskets back then !!!!!
picture of my B2 Stealth, first one on the shelf
Cool !!!! They are All fun to get !!!!
My first ace was at Shillito Park in Lexington KY probably around 1995. We had just started playing the game we all love. On the way to the course, I told everyone in the car that I had a dream the night before that I aced hole one. Everyone blew it off but I remembered it clear as day. Get up to hole one, short little downhill dinker, and threw a viper right at the basket, it was in the whole way. Everyone was freaking out because I called it on the way there. In my excitement, I attempted to do a standing backflip off the side of the pad. Why I don't know. I felt like it was the right thing to do. Needless to say, I made it 3/4 of the way around and landed right on my chest, flat, with a thud. I think I knocked the wind out myself but I didn't care. I was so high on life that I didn't feel a thing. High fives ensued all around. I was officially addicted to disc golf at that very moment. Wow!
My only ace was in college, 1992 probably. It was hole #18 at Winton Woods, not a very challenging course for the most part. The basket was extreme right of the tee box and the view was blocked by trees and shrubs. Threw a backhand hyzer over the trees and my friend John's reaction as it flew filled me with hope. And then I heard the chains! I don't remember the disc or exact date, but I remember the sound!
My first ace was on hole 3 at Old Farm Park in Kentwood MI. The hole is very, very short, as a lot of the holes on the course are; the longest being a few 360' holes. So the hole has a mando which makes it a bit longer, and is a very hard left hook hole. The only ways to ace are a huge skip or a sky, spike hyzer which has a great likelyhood of hitting branches as the hole is tightly wooded. So I took out my first disc which is still overstable today as it was 4 years ago: a 173 champion Firebird. I skipped the fuck out of it, at least a 60-70 ft skip with 30 feet of height, destroyer chains. I ended up acing 8 of the 18 holes there, great course to learn the sport of disc golf on.
After about a year of playing, I hit #2 at Bear Branch in the Woodlands, TX. Easy hole, about 220' if I remember corectly, slightly downhill, straight shot. I remember I threw a white CE TeeBird (sidearm...). Dead straight, right into the chains. Just wish I knew what happened to that disc... I didn't know at the time what I had...
Ahh yes my first ace-remember it like it was yesterday. I was with a good friend that I've known since kindergarten (yes thats right I've known him for 25 of the 30 years I've been alive!) and we decided to go to a local course that he had not played yet. When we completed hole 9 and were on our way to hole 10 I began telling him about how frustrating hole 10 was(not that it was difficult-actually a very short hole with a mando to hyzer around) and that I hadnt hit an ace yet but had bounced out,flushed out,skipped off the top,ect,ect, on this particular basket numerous times (probably hit metal half a dozen times) and was starting to get pissed that nothing would stick. I mean there were alot of longer holes that would be way cooler to catch your first ace on but I started to have a vendetta against this hole. So we get to the tee pad and I tell him I'm about to ace this beeeatch to which he responded by laughing(I laughed too picturing him red faced on the ground as my disc is rejected once again) and I jokingly told him that he might have to wait patiently while I emptied both our bags until I get to watch a disc finally come to rest in the bottom of this god forsaken piece of crap basket. He laughs harder as I grab my trusty DX Rhyno-the same disc i throw every time on this hole(and the first disc I ever bought after a friend introduced me to DG) and proceded to make my throw, at which point my good friend mockingly shouted "Oh THAT Ones Goin' In!!!!" as soon as it left my hand. But today something was different(maybe the disc golf gods decided that the joke was over and I had been tortured enough) and my trusty Rhyno smashed chains sitting stubbornly in the bottom of the basket, refusing to be rejected like it had so many times before. My friend is now speachless and we are laughing to the point of tears at the way this whole thing just panned out-with so much talk about it I think we both thought we had jinxed it and neither of us thought that that would be the one to stick. My trusty Rhyno hangs proudly on the wall never to be thrown again after completing its final and most memorable round and has only been taken down to recieve the Ken Climo stamp of approval........sweeeeet.........

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