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My first was at the old Dallas course on Skillman, across from Lake Highlands H.S.
It was on hole four, about 330 feet slightly down hill, not too much a grade but a slope really. Between to rows of tall cedar trees sitting about a hundred feet apart and spaced at about twenty feet between trees.
I threw a Lightning B2 Stealth, which was a huge dinner plate, and flat like a pancake. It flew pretty straight, only jumping up and down a few inches at a time all the way down the fairway, then about twenty-five feet in front of the basket, it veered left and headed straight at the chains. Solid hit.
The next thing I know, I'm on the ground on my back, kicking my feet in the air and screaming like a banshee. Good stuff man.
I'll never forget my first, almost like it was yesterday and it was way back in 1991.

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after waiting what seemed like forever to get my first ace.....I finally hit one late this summer followed by two more the same month.....anyways...

Fun day out at Cass Benton in Northville Michigan.....got even better when I hit #15.
( 217' sharp downhill thru a tunnel of trees). threw my new Z buzz on a low hyzer line and thought that it was going to slide past the basket by 20-30feet as I watched it fly downhill. Instead it took a nice skip off the ground into a dead center chains hit!!!! big smile!

illyB said:
My first ace was at Shillito Park in Lexington KY probably around 1995. We had just started playing the game we all love. On the way to the course, I told everyone in the car that I had a dream the night before that I aced hole one. Everyone blew it off but I remembered it clear as day. Get up to hole one, short little downhill dinker, and threw a viper right at the basket, it was in the whole way. Everyone was freaking out because I called it on the way there. In my excitement, I attempted to do a standing backflip off the side of the pad. Why I don't know. I felt like it was the right thing to do. Needless to say, I made it 3/4 of the way around and landed right on my chest, flat, with a thud. I think I knocked the wind out myself but I didn't care. I was so high on life that I didn't feel a thing. High fives ensued all around. I was officially addicted to disc golf at that very moment. Wow!
So many "skip' Aces here. Awesome to think about. Some people don't appreciate them. Like a skip ace is less worthy than a straight into the chains toss. But an Ace is an Ace eh?
Oh yah. Hole #10 at Evergreen, in Goleta, California. Short hole, downhill, with dense woods just beyond the pin. I threw my CE Leopard on a pretty radical hyzer path because I wanted to come at the basket from the side, rather than straight on. That way if I missed, I'd be putting from the fairway and not from the schule.

Anyway, let 'er fly and watched it, and I recall NOT thinking "aww, too short" or "aww, too long" or "aww, anything" as it got closer and closer to chains. Finally I realized the dang disc was gonna go IN and I sorta got weak at the knees and all - I'd been playing for about four years at the time and FINALLY, I hit one off the tee.

What made it really great was that there were about 10 witnesses to sign the back of the disc! Never forget it.
I would have thought a skip ace would be harder to get in ways

Yeddie VanHalen said:
So many "skip' Aces here. Awesome to think about. Some people don't appreciate them. Like a skip ace is less worthy than a straight into the chains toss. But an Ace is an Ace eh?
Yes , Skip Aces Count !!!!!
If I remember my reaction it was followed by a loud four letter word that should not have been said on a public course

Drx49er said:
My only ace was in college, 1992 probably. It was hole #18 at Winton Woods, not a very challenging course for the most part. The basket was extreme right of the tee box and the view was blocked by trees and shrubs. Threw a backhand hyzer over the trees and my friend John's reaction as it flew filled me with hope. And then I heard the chains! I don't remember the disc or exact date, but I remember the sound!
I just got my 1st Ace on Saturday February 7th, 2009 on #4 at Basil Griffin Disc Golf Course in Bowling Green, KY...It was Awesome!

Based on reviews that I had read, I chose to throw my new Gateway Blurr, because there was a strong headwind and it is slightly up hill. The hole is only 260 feet long, but because of the wind and need to have a hyzer finish (the hole is tucked behind a tree...all you can see from the tee is the edge of the yellow band).

Anyway, it was way cool and my wife, Kendra, was right there to see it. Great day! Can't wait to see her get her first!
It was on 7-30-01 Hole #8 in Discwood (Kirkwood Ski Resort Calif.) A single ray of sunshine shining through the trees on to the basket (that is mounted on top of a fallen tree). The beat up old Raven, skimmed the Red Firs and slammed right into the basket!! Thank god I had a witness!!
It was back in 1982, I was playing at the 2nd oldest course in the nation (Calvert Road) Md. I was driving with my blue proto-type avair. on hole # 8 I threw way too hard, and way too high, but straight at the pin. The disc struck a tree to the right and angled down into the chains. I screamed so loud everyone out there (all 3 people) heard me....!!!!!! It was a whopping 190ft hahahaha.
Object Hole . Telephone Pole . 1974.
My first ace back in 1995 summer time french creek state park doggy woods (that is gone and well be misssed)hole 18 and it's was roller that hit some roots and jumped in.So we started walking down the hill and davey dog said i think you ace it ray and I said i wish it would be my first walked down to the basket and what do you know it was my first ace and my first game under par 5 under 49.I talked about it for two weeks and jumped up and down like crazy man.and it was cyclone black

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