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Does a disc stuck in the side of the basket have to be pulled THROUGH the basket, to the inside, to count?

I thought the rule stated that the disc must be supported by the basket or chains in order to count, this does not say anything about pulling the disc through the basket in order to count. I was under the impression that as long as you got to it and pulled the disc out before it fell, it counted.

Right or no?

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Thanks everyone - that's what I thought, just remove it before it falls.
as long as you get it before it falls out, it counts. Seen it, have pictures of it. Its in the rules if it is supported..it counts!
So what's he celebrating for???? It's not good to he pulls it....LMAO!!! He's wasting time !!!! Does he think he's fast enough to precisely catch it as it starts to fall??? Wait he can't do that....that would be interfering with the outcome of the throw. Crap !!! What do you do?

Why that is that a perfect example of a disc at rest...because it's not going anywhere...not without some assistance...it's stuck like chuck in the muck(not you Chuck...just an expression)...particularly in this Brand O Basket.

Here's a couple of examples of an "At Rest" call .....

1. Disc comes to rest against the pole......a 45 degree leaner....windy day...as your walking up....a 30 mph gust lifts your disc into a catawompus hop....it starts to roll....now your 60 feet away...casual or sanctioned event, what's the call?

My call would be....in all rules of fairness....the disc was at rest against the pole....regardless of playing format

2. Someone early in the lineup...in your group.....Aces.....it's resting in front side chains...supported by the chains...everyone's excited...High 5's and 5 dollar bills...Wait!! still got a couple of guys yet to drive....Nobody's thinking about running down and pulling the shot.....One of last drives smashes chains at the precise angle...enough to penetrate and contact the first disc...pop goes the weasel !!! .....right out and over the edge...on the ground. The second disc stays in....What's the call? 2 aces or 1?

My call.....I'm out 10 bucks!!

3. In a casual round, your 150 foot approach shot wedges in...everybody can tell it's stuck pretty good...at least they thought it was.....You wanna go get it....but the next guy whose lie is right in front of yours says "don't worry about it...it's good" ....others in the group agree or say nothing.....he takes his shot and knocks yours right out. Okay, say it didn't hit it....nothing hit it.....no other shots touched the basket...when you were finally close enough to retrieve your disc it falls out right before you got there
What's the call?

My call, whether I said anything or not...if the disc was obviously at rest.....then it was at rest supported by the basket.

4. Your finishing up a round in a sanctioned tournament....Your out...you can the putt !!!....the next and last guy to finish is up....Dude says "hey don't worry about pulling it....it's on the other side and I'm close enough" ...so you don't pull it....hole over....round over.....your counting up your scores...turn in your card...when you realize....dude didn't grab your disc when he got his...you plumb forgot about it too.....it's still out on the course in that basket.... What's the call?

Now, I do agree with the others....In a sanctioned event....Don't assume the wedgie is good...pull it quickly....Pull all your putts quickly....cause odds are...the others in your group....in this situation are trying out their mental telepathy skillls trying to make the disc fall out. HA!

Just keep in mind that there are situations where an at rest call by the group is appropriate...and is deemed valid.
The Interference rule allows the disc to be called at rest by the group if it's wedged in the basket, swinging in the chains or lying on the playing surface:
803.07B. If a disc at rest on the playing surface or supported by the target is moved, the disc shall be replaced as close as possible to its original location, as determined by a majority of the group or an official. If a marker disc is moved, the marker disc shall be replaced as close as possible to its original location, as determined by a majority of the group or an official.

If the disc is moved by anything before the player gets to it, this interference rule allows it to be replaced in the exact spot. That way, the player can complete the Holing out rule and remove the disc. No need to run if the group gives the "at rest" call.
That's what I was try to stress to the would-be Olympic Wind Sprinters....Thanks Chuck!!!
My eleventh ace was a DX Classic Roc that stuck in the side of the basket and my group all starting yelling for me to run.
RUN AND GET IT BEFORE IT FALLS OUT, HURRY HURRY HURRY. I didn't fall for it as I told them that thing is so wedged in there I'm going to have to put a foot on the side of the basket to give me enough leverage to remove it.
Ok, so I didn't have to go that far but it was more than half way through the lower entrapment and as a result when I pulled it out, talk about a serious taco.
Oh, and to be safe, not knowing the exact rule interpretation, I pulled it through as well.
Long time ago but still one of the coolest aces I've had.
hey i need a clarification on one, last thursdays doubles i floated a putt in that ended up hanging from the the raised nubs on the basket, in other words it was was hanging from the nubs on top of the rim not wedged into one of the openings, i felt it counted one of the others in the group said it had to be wedged into one of the openings, so what is the verdict ? by the way i am talking about the actual basket that catches the discs not the top of the basket or chain holder.
It counts, suspended by the chains or caught in the lower entrapment. The others in the group were wrong.
Another good reason to have one of those nice little PDGA rulebooks in your bag.
It was good..it was supported by the disc entrapment device...in a case like that I would haul ass to retrieve it.
i thought this was the case, thanks guys for the rule clarification
yeah... nub dangler....think Flash Gorden...nobody's going to give an At Rest call on that.
On a personal side note to all of this......Never could understand why a basket nub dangler is good and resting on top isn't...Think about it......A wedgie is good because it's being supported by the entrapment device....a basket nub dangler is good...same reason....shouldn't the whole basket be considered the entrapment device?...logical thinking suggests that it is.

Think about it further....a wedgie is partially inside the basket...it's clearly breaking the plane of the inside of the basket.....part of the disc is clearly inside the basket....a basket nub dangler is being supported....but no part of the disc is inside the basket....or breaking the plane.....

Now on top...being completely on top or dangling from a top nub....is the disc being supported by the basket? obviously it is...now, is the disc breaking the plane of the confines of the basket? yes it is.....Think vertical on this....we use a variation of that term a couple of times in the context of the current rules of play.

The rule should be either...if the disc is being supported solely by the entrapment device PERIOD !!......meaning on top is good.....or the the disc has to be completely inside the basket...no wedgies, no danglers, no on top....to be considered good.

Thoughts on that?

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