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Yesterday we were playing a $1/hole skins game at my friends private course. On hole #2 he hit a 210' thumber ace. So he took the ace pool of around $100. When we play skins there we also have longest putt on that basket because it services holes, 2, 9, 11, 16. Longest putt is a paid extra, so everyone who is playing and wants to be included pays an extra $1 for it. It's his course so really he can make the rule what he wants, but he would like a general consensus ruling before he calls what the rule will be. A few were saying it was his first throw but also his last throw on the hole thus being a putt. Some were saying it was thrown from the tee pad so it was just a nice drive that happened to go in, but not a putt. Some said it could be argued that he was outside of 10 meters so it was not a putt. Most tournaments I have played in where there is a longest putt hole, the winner will usually always be outside of ten meters, so I think that theory is out. I have no idea if being thrown from the tee pad makes a difference. Help us out, What do you all think?

here is the link to the video of it:

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interesting. dont play for money with the guy who has the course in his back yard?
i'd call it a winner, to do anything else is too complicated. longest putt just really means longest shot that went in.
I'd say if he used a putter from the tee and didn't follow thru on his release then it's a putt. Otherwise...
I say it counts as a plain old ace,unless it was done with a putter. IMO opinion the distance doesn't matter as much as the equipment-try to think of it like ball golf-where if a guy is next to the green on the rough and grabs a wedge or whatever and chips it onto the green and into the cup you would say "wow Bob he chipped it in from 35 feet!" but if the same guy instead grabbed his putter and putted off the rough across the green and into the cup you would say "wow Bob he just putted it in from the rough and drained it from 35 feet" So I say if you threw a "Driver" (being any form of driver i.e. fairway, distance, midrange) then you just threw a nice ace (woo hoo-high five) but if you threw an ace with the putter, then and only then would it also count as an ace, not to mention a hell of a long putt,because it was done with a putter-easiest way to end the argument ......unless it was an Aviar Driver .....hmmmmmmm
Following the golf analogy, the official scorer would count chipping in and putting from off the green as a "zero putt" hole in the player's stats.
Give him the money.
You would have to make him the winner. Longest putt should mean "longest shot that went in the basket". Doesn't matter how he threw it. Otherwise there are too many what if's and fuzzy areas.
That's not going to happen, everytime we play out there it is skins for $1/hole. Sometimes you win, sometimes you break even, other times you loose your $19 like I did yesterday. It's all in fun, and I have done well out there in the past so I don't mind donating once and a while.

da "kingpin" said:
interesting. dont play for money with the guy who has the course in his back yard?
Someone else who was playing brought up the point that we call it "longest putt" not "longest shot" so the technicality could be within the wording.

At this course we have a sheet of course rules posted like; land in the rock pile it is ob, hit the bird house on top of the pole that basket is attached to, you owe everyone in the group $5, hit the pole above the basket you owe everyone in the group $1. This rule for longest putt will be added to that sheet.
I'd say, since he was in the process of driving when he got the ace. It's just that, an ace. He wasn't attempting to putt when he aced. He was "driving". Or make it a rule at his course. That if you use your putter to drive from the teepad and it goes in. THEN it's a ace and longet putt?
The ace gets the money. Surely if someone dropped their disc two feet in front of the edge of the tee for their first toss and threw the second one 208' into the basket for a two, that would count, right? What makes the ace any different.

I think you guys need to clear that up.

Either longest shot made other then an Ace......spreads the wealth.

or......The longest shot made period. An Ace on a 200 foot hole might not always be the longest shot made.

Why not do a CTP instead...or better yet multiple $1 CTP's

or.....$1 for the most birdies in a row.

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