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Check out this pic of my shoe!! Destroyed!!!!! I don't even realize it during my drive, but I drag my rear foot on forearm (sidearm) shots. I total out a pair of shoes in about a month of disc golfing. Are there any suggestions what to do about this, besides the obvious quick answer.."pick up your foot!!".

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I guess you gotta click on the "my discs" attachment to see the pic. Sorry!!
Get Skateboard shoes, they are made to be drug on the concrete. I'm not telling that they will last a long time. I get almost a year out of mine. I too drag my toe I just do it backhand instead of forehand. Skaters drag there feet up and down rough grip tape that is way worse than concrete and I've never heard a single skater gripe about there shoes.
I've had DC's, Zoo Yorks, Van's, World Industries, CSS, and Etnies. They all last about the same amount of time. The only gripe I do have is that they are kinda crappy on muddy ground. However there isn't much tread to catch all the mud, and you can always drag your foot on the edge of the pad to clean them before you throw!
my friends used to joke that I drag my knuckles. 6'6" and lanky I guess :(
Dragging your foot is not an uncommon thing. I've got a few friends who beat the heck out of their shoes in the same way.

Couple recommendations to extend the life of your shoes (especially since it's probably just the one shoe...not the pair):

Pitcher's Toe - baseball pitchers have the same issues with their shoes as they drag their back foot off the mound. This little add-on can extend the life of your shoe, though it might require you to make the shoe a disc golf only shoe. Kinda goofy to walk around the mall or something with a pitcher's toe on your shoe.

Steel toed shoes - might still wear out the leather or fabric on the outside of the shoe, but at least the steel would prevent you having a gaping hole in your shoes.
There's a product out there that I use called tuff toes, its a brush on hardener that is made for the tips of hockey skates to keep the nylon from fraying out when other players step on the top of your foot in front of the net or your hit by a puck, but over the last few years a lot of pitchers in the major league have been using it as they drag their toe on the follow through also. It's really just a heavy duty appoxy that drys as hard as molded plastic, you can pick it up at any store that sells hockey supplies or order it on line, here's a link: http://www.tufftoe.com/ Apply it like white out or fingernail polish, make sure that you put it on in light coats and then wait for it to dry, after its dry scuff it up with some light sand paper and then reapply it. It will dry so hard that there is no possible way that you will break through the fabric. Be cautious thou because if you put to much it will be like playing disc golf in steel toe boots. Last I knew you can get it for around $7-$12 and one can will last you years if you make sure the cap is put back on tight, they use to make it in clear, red, and black but they may have more colors by now. Don't buy the clear when it drys it looks like urine yellow.
DAMN!!! That is a jacked shoe!!

My bro thorws like that on his FH drives.... I'll tell him to get on this thread...
Thanks for all the great info and tips. I work construction (building bridges), so I work w/ epoxy all the time to bond concrete to steel. Unfortunately The stuff we use is some crazy stuff and heats up enough to burn your skin, so the stuff I have is out of the question. I think I'll try the stuff you're talking about, the tufftoe. Anyway thanks again and have fun this winter throwing those frozen discs!! Ha!
Totally normal, in fact I believe that is when you know you are driving correctly. Do not know many sidearmers that don't. It usually only takes about 2-3 months of solid playing to start rubbing a hole in my shoe, does not seen to matter much what kind of shoe. I just go for comfortable and deal with it, maybe a backup with no hole in case I need to play when it is wet.
Keep up the good work Travis! lol I ruined my favorite pair of shoes disc golfing ... oooo well!
you can go to wal-mart nad buy a can of immitation Rhyno-liner and dip the toes in it. Its pretty cheap but effective.
Merrel makes a very nice shoe. They have a hard Vibram sole thats made for hiking and were suggested on a previous posting.

Lol, My wife is pissed because I wasted a brand new pair of shoes in just a few weeks of nice fall weather, goota get a shoe with a wrap around toe.

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