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Lately our local club is looking to raise more money. One way of doing that is to take $1 from each person during league play. So if you put in $5, $1 goes to the club and $4 goes to payouts. I don't care for that approach as it reduces payouts and means that less people will get paid and the payouts will also be smaller. Also it is much easier to base your payouts on $5 since many people pay with $5 bills. Much harder to try to find $1 bills at the end of the day. So next week I will be changing to a $6 buy in with $1 going to the club. That way the club still gets their cut and payouts are not reduced. Also payouts are still based on the easier $5 scale. Ace pool will remain a $1 buy in.

What does everyone else do? Money is a good incentive to get good players out to compete. Hell, it's a good incentive for anyone.

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Absolutely...It is a key essential to having a decent operating budget....a steady stream of funds always coming in.

Claim a monthly % of ace pots from club leagues. 

Thought about this one. I actually like the idea of taking a certain amount after the pot reaches a certain level (say $200). When I mentioned that possibility one guy said that we could not do that. Of course, he isn't even a member of the club and complains if the payouts aren't big enough for his liking if he wins.

I put up a sign yesterday letting everyone know that on Monday the buy in will be $6 instead of $5. They will just have to suck it up. This seems to be the best solution at the moment and payouts will remain at the same level.

On a side note I actually did get more money from volunteer donations yesterday. Collected $11 I think.

Tonight is the first day of the six dollar buy in so I will report back how that works.

I've seen several clubs do a $5-$1 set up. $4 to payout, $1 to club, and optional $1 ace pot. I've also seen some clubs take $2 for the club when they needed to raise funds for a basket or teepad.

Everything went fine last night. A few people complained but they still put the money in. I am of mixed feelings about this whole thing since I do consider the extra $1 a tax of sorts. But we are raising money for the club which will be needed if we get new courses. Going down to a $4 payout is not a good option IMHO since it reduces payouts and monetary reward is a good way to get people to come out for league. Also at the end of the round it is much easier to figure payouts based on $5 rather than $4.

There was a small issue last night related to payouts. On Monday night we play singles. It is not a handicapped league but we split people into an A pool and a B pool. When we first did this there were quite a few good players who opted to play in the B pool. That is fine I said, but if they win three times in B pool they have to move up. Anyway, the B pool has been drawing more people than the A pool which is really not the way it was intended. B pool is more meant for those who on average shoot over par. Yet we have had more than a few people in the B pool who have won with scores under par and they would have cashed in the A pool. So in an effort to make things as fair as possible and maintain the payouts for A pool I have had to take a bit of cash from the B pool to pay the winners in A pool. Last night there were 8 players in the B pool and 6 in the A pool. So I took $5 from B pool so that payouts were exactly equal, that is the winners in both pools got $25 and the second place in both pools took $10. And the two guys who were the most vocal in saying that was a bad idea were the ones who came in first and second in B pool. The guy who won B pool has now won three times so he has to move up. So next week we should have another player in the A pool. I honestly didn't think that he should have played in the B pool to start with but that was his choice. He is a good player.

I am actually quite happy that we have a good and competitive B pool. It is great for some of the newer players. But we have to keep it under control and it can't just be a cash cow for some. That is not what it is meant for. And I don't like handicapped leagues because in effect they just penalize good players and there isn't a whole lot of incentive for them to show up or for the lesser players to really get better. The A pool and B pool model is working, although maybe it just needs a little tweak here and there. I am also hoping that the extra $1 being charged will not affect the league turnout. I originally made that extra $1 voluntary but the lack of people paying it and some pressure from those in charge of the club has now forced the $1 to become mandatory. We will see how all of that plays out in the end.

Our club holds a traveling weekly mini.  We never carry over an acepot.  we chage $10, with $5 going to the payout, and $5 to the Ace Pot.  If the Ace is HIT, then we pay it out.  If it is NOT hit, then we do a CTP for HALF the ace pot, with the other half going to the Club.  It's been very popular here. 

Admittedly, we also do 3 progressive CTP's during the round as well.  $2,$4,$6, on each CTP, and the winner of the CTP gets HALF of whatever the value is on the hole.  It is NOT mandatory to enter all or any of the CTP's, but about 3/4 of the anttendants go for at least 1 of the CTPs. 

It raises funds much quicker for the club, and it also puts more money in play for people to win than JUST the round itself.

My old club did a $5 super ace pot as well as the $1 ace pot. You could buy into one or both but you would only won what you bought into.  Those pots would get up into the 2 Grand range at times.  I think if you started a super ace and said from the begining at what ever dollar amount the club would get a cetain percent or set amount people would be ok because if they hit it they are still getting a good chunk of change. 

I understand that on Sunday they ran a CTP with a nice disc as the prize. I believe they told me that they raised around $45 to $50 from just that plus the $1 they collected from everyone. I like some of these ideas and they seem to be working. Now if we can just get a real fundraiser going on a Saturday. One guy is talking about a tournament where you get to buy Mulligans. Sounds like a good idea.

In the short amount of time we have started to raise funds we have already collected over $500. Still when you compare that to the amount of money necessary to purchase just one set of decent baskets we still have a long ways to go. I'm hoping that people don't get fundraising fatigue.

Fundraising fatigue depends on what kind of club you're talking about.  If you want a club that can actually DO something besides play disc golf together, money is a big part of that; as people see that the club is able to do things, most won't be reluctant.

Columbia, SC's club evolved out of local doubles.  At first, we didn't have an ace pool (strange, but true).  It was $5 to play, all to winnings.  Then we created a club, started an ace pool, and unwon money went to the club.  (Not rolling over to make a big pot.  Strange, but true).  Eventually someone decided bigger ace pool pots would mean more players (not true), so we rolled the ace pool, and took $1 out of entries for club.

All of this allowed the club to build up several thousand dollars, which gave us great flexibility when repairs or course improvements were needed.  It also meant we had the funds on hand to buy a bunch of custom-stamped club discs, and printed shirts (which would eventually pay for themselves, but you need the cash up front). 

There are lots of ways to do this and no one right way.  It seems that if you're charging or deducting $1 from local doubles/mini/league play, almost everyone accepts it as a very small contribution.  But it adds up: $1 per person each week, 30 people, over the course of a year, is $1,500.

The 5+1+1 formula seems to be working out alright. Nobody has really complained, the payouts have remained the same and the club is getting money. Also the ace pool is once again over $100. We had twenty people play singles last night and the winner in both pools received $30, with second taking $15 and third getting money back. So the top three got paid a decent amount. With the other league only paying $4 per unit instead of $5 I have heard a few people complain about the payout. They have had quite a few people show up and first place only gets $25. That seems less than ideal. I believe that next year all leagues will adopt the 5+1+1 formula. It's easy to implement as well.

Our club does exactly that.  Total is $6($5 to play, $1 for club/course) and optional $1 for ace pot.

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