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Keep your dog at home! I hate stepping in dog crap, I hate bite marks in my discs, and yes I hate YOUR dog.

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theres this one particular golfer that is always at oshtemo pretty much first thing in the morning, right when i get out there. the guy doesnt have his dog on a leash first of all (unlawful) and the dog is always running after this guys discs. so in turn the guy SCREAMS at his dog to LEAVE IT! about 4 times per hole (depending on if the guy has a good shot or not, mostly not) this happens on EVERY HOLE. really obnoxious. me and him, we don't get along. whenever i hear him coming, i just start over, and give him some room. me and him have exchanged about 1000 Fwords just since the beginning of this year. one time i even asked him if he was gonna pick up his dogs scat, and he TRIPPED OUT, screaming at me about "Oh did you see him do it?" and i had the pleasure of being like "yes I DID, me and my four friends just watched him do it" humbled him right up, he was reduced to asking me to help him look for poop so he could pick it up
I totally understand were you are coming from. The problem is. Most of the time it's just people using the park and not disc golfers. At least that's the problem I run across. However, this one time I played with a gofler who brought his dog along. Man, I was thinking the worst, but by the end of the day. I was so glad he brought his dog. We played in tall grass and it was a pain at times. Once it got to the "oh well, lost another disc" He would tell his dog to go find it. Man, the dog would walk right up to it and sit. Wouldn't even touch the disc. It was great! I look back and laugh. The dog must of been thinking... dumb a$$ humans! Can't even find a huge chunck of plastic! Jeeezzzz....
someone was bit as a child..lmao
your throwing a pretty broad net over all dogs ,not all dogs are bad ...young kids are way worse!
WOW??? You must play at the one course on the planet where everyone that plays disc golf has a dog with them, 98% of the dog crap you refer to is left there by the general public who use the park to walk there dogs. And even thou they know what their doing is wrong, like most they just don't care. I would suggest you start carrying a large machete and hack too death the first person you see leaving their dog crap for you to step in, this should prove a good visual deterant for the other dog owners.

Hate the owner not the dog. My dog Jake and I are regulars at the course. Except for icing my oponents occasionally you would not know he's there. I carry a couple of plastic bags with me just in case but ussually Jake does his business in the woods. If people don't control their animals you need to call the animal control for them. Our park has a no leash policy as long as, and this is in writing on the sign "you are in total control of your animal" If you don't leash an out of control animal or get caught leaving the poop behind you will get a ticket, I have seen it several times. Jake could not care less about the discs to. He is too busy looking for squirrels and rabbits.
Certainly reasonable advice from Jack Moore but perhaps a bit too restrained. :) If you hacked everyone you saw with a dog at your course and the dog, too, then the problem can be prevented rather than fixed after the fact. Don't wait for the poop to come out before taking action. You know its in there. You know it will eventually come out. Be decisive. Be proactive.

While you are at it, all those birds and little furry mammals might dump in the fairway, too. Why should they get a free pass? Especially those Canadian Geese, the feathered poop machines.

Just ask yourself, "What would Vlad The Impaler do"?

Actually human litter bothers me more than dog crap. Too bad they locked up that maniac in Cleveland, eh?
Sir...you are a true visionary...I really have to start thinking outside of the box.
My dogs never go after disc or make sounds while on the course but if I see you on a course I'll be sure and do all I can to change that....I hope all your disc get teeth marks, Matt. ;)

Jay Dub aka a Dog Lover
What silly advice. Just how the heck am I supposed to fit a machete in my bag, huh?
..off with their heads..impaled on near by tree branch...Vlad the Impaler answer
most parks DO have a leash policy or NO pets in park
human litter is out of control everywhere
machete attached to umbrella clips instead
Its funny this comes up because it is a very heated topic in the hiking forum as well. Yesterday, there was a dog off leash and he would sit at the edge of the tee box and as you start your wind up, he would start jumping and interfere with golfers tee shots. The owner just sat there and did nothing. I love dogs and cant wait to have one myself, but come on, atleast get your dog under control while people are teeing off. Or carry a bag of treats and throw them so you can tee off

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