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Keep your dog at home! I hate stepping in dog crap, I hate bite marks in my discs, and yes I hate YOUR dog.

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let me guess, your dogs crap doesn't stink, and it probably doesn't shed, and I'm sure that he can hear your thoughts too! I figured.
Its funny this comes up because it is a very heated topic in the hiking forum as well. Yesterday, there was a dog off leash and he would sit at the edge of the tee box and as you start your wind up, he would start jumping and interfere with golfers tee shots. The owner just sat there and did nothing. I love dogs and cant wait to have one myself, but come on, atleast get your dog under control while people are teeing off. Or carry a bag of treats and throw them so you can tee off
I would have done the same thing to the owner when it was his turn to tee.
It's on the owner to train and raise the dog, Also it's a hefty fine for not picking up after the dog and or having it off leash in areas. if the park allows dogs and their owner is a lazy peice thats not the dogs fault.
I will bring my dog to certian courses and not to those that arent dog friendly, I feel the same way that you do about the untrained dogs that run a muck and ruin discs and courses. But it's not their fault.. IMO it falls on the owner. Blame them and report them if needs be.
Maybe if Michael Vick doesn't pan out in Philidelphia, I heard he's a great disc golf player, and it'll only be a matter of time before your problem is no longer a problem.
Dog Poop is just wrong to have out on the course. It's up to the owner to clean up after your pet at all times.
I don't mind dogs. Hell one course I would rather play with someone that has a large dog for safety reasons. But yeah picking up after them is a must.
Right now...Dog poop isn't the issue at our course....

The other day a couple of causal golfers finished up...someone asked how did the round go...One replied "Well, I didn't land in any Bum Poop...so I guess it was good"
that's friggen hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its pretty pitiful that humans are acting like wild animals.
that is awesome (that he said that, not that you have to deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) hahahaha
dog poop isnt the problem on my home course , however , geese poop well theres another story


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