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So i know that different molds are effected by stability different ways. I was at a tournament the other day talking to people about destroyers... and they almost all said "oh yeah the domey ones are less stable"  The last destroyer i picked up was a 168 and flew more overstable than the 172 xcal i picked up at the same time. And it had a dome, but not a mountain. the xcal however was a 172 flat. It was still stable, but not crazy like the destroyer. So anyway i picked out a destroyer at the tourney that was as flat as i have seen a destroyer come.... and presto it wasn't ridiculous stable. I have noticed that the domier a disc is the less snap i get due to not bieng able to grip the disc aswell.


So in the category of wasps and buzzes what is the most stable of these molds?


How does dominess effect them?


Your thoughts

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I'll be honest with you I throw buzzes and wasps and I have yet see one that isn't flat as a pancake. That's part of why I like them so much.
i have a elite Z wasp and it has a dome to it along with one of my barstamp buzzzes they both have domes and both fairly stable.
Well, I use to think the same thing. Domey = less stable and flat = more stable. After talking to some other people. It seems to have changed with the newer high speed discs. Or as one person said. It comes down to the disc now. Case in point. The famed flat top CE Valks or CE in general. They are much more overstable than todays Valks. Now it could be the plastic or a mold change, not sure? Now as for the Buzzz. My flat top Buzzz is more stable than my domey Buzzz, so much so. I don't even throw the domey one. I could go on and on....Echo plastic seems more overstable than Star plastic..etc, etc...
Now the Wasp is a 1.5 so it is more stable than the Buzzz no matter how you cut it, but if you want a wind pig with good glide. Try a Drone at 2.5 to 2.6
General observations but there can be exceptions depending on the disc, plastic and the run (CFR...)

Domey Wide Rimmed Discs are more overstable than their flat equivalents

Domey Midrange Discs are less overstable than their flat equivalents

Dominess effects the glide. A domey D Buzzz is a good choice for a turnover disc while a flat Elite Z Buzzz is good for more stable shots.

I like flatter discs cuz I can get a better grip.
Shouldn't it be domeyness instead? What effect does homeyness have?

According to the urban dictionary this post could mean some very strange things not associated with disc golf at all...

They are the same stability. The dome give you more glide and goes farther... Flat gives less glide and gets to the groung quicker... ex Firebirds a very flat (at least the good one are.)
Depends on which mold and disc. I have a Star Whippet , Super Domey and Super Overstable.
There is a key ingredient missing from this conversation--the player--how hard does he throw? how much snap does he have? what is the release angle?

Just because a domey disc is overstable for one player doesn't mean it's going to be that way for a player with different arm strength, snap, and technique.
The only thing dome deifinitely effects is glide. More dome = more glide. Now when some discs cool off after molding, they shrink up a bit. This causes them to both dome up and get more stable (the tightening of the plastic causes the outer edge to pull up a bit). This is caused more by temperature of the room they cool off in. Warmer temps cause less shrinking while cooling so you get the flatter and flippier ones.

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