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I am in the process of starting a league and want to know what are some of the thing you guys like and do not like about yours?

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Here's what I have found running doubles. Doubles is a great venue and a lot of fun. I prefer to draw cards because it simplifies things. You just have to make sure that money matches people matches cards.

I don't give strokes to "B poolers" unless they get Cali. Then they get three strokes. You must show up on time. If you are on your way call it in and we can save a card for you. If you are late otherwise and it wasn't on purpose you can play Cali but with no buy in for double shots. Otherwise Cali has option of double shot buy in. If you abuse the "Cali clause" and show up late more than once you don't play. That happened tonight where a guy showed up 2 minutes before league and didn't pay and just sat in his car. We all drew cards and then he walks over and wants to pay. I told him we had already chosen cards so it was too late. And I didn't even start exactly on time. You gotta pay if you wanna play. This guy did the same thing last year. He drove off ten minutes before league and then came back late. He didn't play on that day either. When will he learn?

Anyway just a few thoughts about what has worked for doubles league. We alternate between singles and doubles every Wednesday. Thursday is strictly doubles. We also paint alternate tees on a few holes sometimes.
On painting the alternate tees what is the rule of thumb? Three of the four courses out here have one tee box and I think girls one or beginners tee box be nice. The park is not interested in adding a permanent tee box as of now.
I run the doubles mini here at our local course. Do you guys do a completely random draw or do you try to make it fair? A lot of times if there is going to be an X man, we will group all of the pros together and let one of them draw for it first (An AM X man at our local course has 0% chance of being competitive).

Also, do you use hard or soft mulligans for the X man?
We play for tags. I feel like people would rather pay in once and play for bragging rights. We charge $25 to join the club and give out a small players package. The rest of the money goes to the club for tourneys and course improvement. IMO, playing for money just gets too complicated, and someone always gets pissed.
We painted a tee box at the top of a hill last night because the regular tee was at the bottom and also muddy due to rain. That also makes the tee shot more of a bomber shot. Generally painted tees are for changing a hole up in a certain way.

We don't go out of our way to "make things fair" or do anything especially for the ams in doubles. The only general rule is that if two "B poolers" get paired up they would get three strokes. A B pooler who gets Cali would get three strokes. Last night we didn't have any issue like that because we didn't really get any B pool players. It had rained and so we had a total of 12 people. Really nice since the sun came out after the rain and there weren't a lot of people at the course (except for the crazy lady trying to take pictures of her dogs in the fairway even after I told her that she might get hit).

I have seen it done so that am players don't get Cali by not putting in the Cali card until after any ams have drawn. That can take care of that issue as well. But randomly giving strokes to ams doesn't work when they get paired up with a great player. Now you have just given the great player strokes. So that's why we do things the way that we do. It seems to work pretty well.

Playing for money is awesome. I like green. Last night we had four groups tie for first at four under. They had to play it off for first and second place money (money back for second).
There are websites that can help you develop a fair handicapping system to keep it fair and competitive for all .if you dont people wont come ,our leagues (singles matches ) suffered poor turn out till we did this.I wasnt in to just coming out and giving my money to the local open players and most of the rec and intermediates agreed .as for doubles, cards or flipping discs works just fine and to add a little variety dont just pay out the top 3 spots make it random 1st ,4th and last but keep the pay out spots randomly picked each week. it encourages people to come out if they know they have a fair chance
We kind of combine all of the ideas mentioned here. We have a handicap league and also play for bag tags and cash.
What is a bag tag? Sorry very newbie question.
What are some of the web sites?
I prefer an A Pool and B pool setup for singles over a handicap system. Then if the player wins B pool a couple of times they have to move up. We generally get a good turnout every week. Our doubles league on Thursday has been averaging 12 to 14 people. The Wednesday league has seen up to 22 or more people. Tags are always in play for Wednesday singles.
www.discgolfunited.com will help with all your league stats and handicaps...Call Scott at Innova East in the Discgolfunited department he will be glad to help..
most everybody in our area sucks, they play alot and litter the course but they suck and they dont participate in our league play or tourneys. it bums us out, there are 6 of us on average that like play competition and can each hold our own, and its down to 4 of us who do course maintenance on both our local courses.........kinda frustrating but we make it work. we play monday nights and alternate from single play to random doubles and we alternate between both courses. we take a dollar from each player for course improvements/maintenance and the rest is cash, every now and again our skate shop who sells a few discs will dontate a 10 dollar gift card or a disc and we award that to first place. we then post our league stats online so everyone can see where they stack up, kinda pointless when you only have six guys and you already know who stacks up where, but we hope to see more players some day. other than that, keep a sign posted for when your leauge activities are held and pray for people to show up.

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