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Around here we seem to be having some serious issues with the local doubles leagues. Lots of people hating on each other, arguing, fighting online, renegade doubles leagues breaking off, etc.

So I figured it might be a good idea to post this, see if anyone else has come across this problem and if they have a solution.

List the different ways you guys play doubles leagues in your area. How much is entry, what is the % payout. How ace pools work. Pro am or random. Does the club keep a 'fee'? Is there a good way around that but to still raise $, such as a 50/50 ctp where it's optional and half goes to club, therefore no one can ***** about the club keeping 1$ or something.

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Get the horns out, set the format and if any one has a problem, Don't come!
Random Draw Doubles, 5.00 entry towards total payout, 1.00 ace pot, rolling and currently 238.00
2.00 course fee if you're not a member, free if you are, just turned over 2200.00 from the course fund for 5x10 foot teeboxes, so there's 78.00 in it now.
As far as the acepot, we keep 10% from members and 20% from non-members to start the next acepot when it gets hit.

Ignorance is bliss Ben. It's easy to just show up pay your entry and play. Then you get to bitch about being ripped off when you really don't have any idea where the money goes and you don't ask. I try to keep the books open but the people who complain don't stop long enough to ask.
What's worse is when that person isn't even a club member, just a casual player that shows up once in a while.
Good luck, layout the format and repeat it as often as you need to, they'll get or they won't want to get it.
I am thinking of proposing the 50/50 thing to the clubs having problems. It gets you in if you want, but no 'fee' if you don't want in. Can probably raise just as much money, and everyone gets 100% payout on entry still.
The way my clubs does it is you are either an am or a pro. They take a deck of cards and split them up, club and hearts in one pile and diamonds and spades in another. One pile is for am , the other is for pro. You randomly choose from your pile. Your team mate is who chooses the matching card from their pile. You play against whoever has the other pair. ( Ex. 3 of hearts + 3 of diamonds = team 1, 3 of clubs + 3 of spades = team two.) Odd man plays california. We have a pro cpt and an am cpt. It is $5 entry and pay out varies with how much of a turn out there is.
We have random doubles a couple a times a week. these are not club events. the rules are rarily followed. thats how our locals want it. its more of a disc social and beer fest. they still find things to argue about but with all that beer its forgotten by the next round.
Ben, I think this happens everywhere, regardless of how well an event is ran. I run a random draw dubs every Thursday, where we keep points and the top 16 players play for the championship at the end of a 24 week series. Points are accumulated based on what you and your partner shoot. You get 3 pts for showing up, a point for every stroke under par, and the top three finishes get bonus points--3, 2, 1, respectively. So, its 5 bucks to play, I keep 1 for the series finals and the club makes a dollar. Since the pot is so small, I pay out 30%. We also do an ace pool for an optional buck which gets capped at $100. However, to promote or entice players to join the club we have a little stipulation with the ace pot. Only current members are entitled to the full ace pot (if it even gets up that high) and nonmembers are entitled to whats in the pot that night. I know kinda weird but it works somehow. Last yr I did not take out a buck for the club so this is a new thing that everyone is accepting with no problems. We have played 9 weeks and the club has raised $401 dollars, which is also what is in the series pot. Last yr the finals had over $1300 in the pot and that is what gave me the idea to take a buck out this yr!! Fortunatly, everyone realizes how much the club does so for the most part there isn't too much gripping.
I used the 50/50 ctp, and it worked fine. Pro/Am is the way to go. People will always complain about who should be in what division. Draw some guidlines. Ratings, division played in tourneys etc. Emphasize the fun factor.
Yeah Matt it's the Ypsi dubs I'm talking about. We now run one 10 minutes away for those who don't want to deal with that, same day and time. Kensington was having trouble with too many ams, not enough pros, and having to bump up. But I think they just solved that somehow.
That is too bad. I was planning on playing when I return in July. What is the information of where to go if I want to attend your doubles when I come back to MI. Our doubles here in Orlando are pretty simple. It is completley random draw.We have no stipulations on Tuesday and stips on Thursdsay. Usually the stips are that two open players cannot get paired together. Usually it involves me and Rudy, but I am there for fun, and not for the money.
Tuesday 6:00- Rolling OR Lakeshore
Thursday- 8:00pm- Bandemer GLOW
Saturday- Noon- Lakeshore
Sunday- Noon- Kensington
we have a random draw dub on sundays. $1 to play, $1 for ace fund if you want in. we don't get big crowds because of the low dough. It's great. everyone is low key and there's no ego parade. we get seasoned pros, and first timers. the people who play regularly, do so because it is so laid back. remember, it's about enjoying the sport, not getting your panties in a wad for the cash (or the ego stroke).
We do several formats. No seperation for pro and am

If the numbers work it is Wolf (multiple of 5)
Regular best shot doubles
What we started doing occasionally this year is Rotating Partner best shot doubles. You draw cards all of the same number are on a card and you rotate your partner each hole. In 3 holes you had 3 different partners then you start the rotation over again. For example on the card I will use 1,2,3 and 4
Hole 1 1&2, 3&4 are partners
Hole 2 1&3, 2&4 are partners
Hole 3 1&4, 2&3 are partners

We payout about the top 1/3
To enter $6
Keep a $1 for Club
$1 optional ace pool

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