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The following situation came up in our random draw doubles league last night and I was wondering how other leagues handle playoffs. Two teams were tied after 18 holes so they had a sudden death playoff. Normally the ace fund is in play in playoffs. One individual wanted to play hole 1 and then 7 and 8 if needed (this is a short loop). On the course we were at hole 2 is by far the most difficult hole and most playoffs end there and this hole has never been aced. Holes 7 and 8 have been aced repeatedly - they are short and very easy. I said if we don't play the normal course we shouldn't play for the ace fund. The reason being it wouldn't be fair to just throw the short easy holes. The individual in question didn't want to play hole two because it was a farther walk from our cars and he was tired so after bitching about not being able to play for the ace fund we agreed to play the short loop. We ended up playing the short loop and then playing two long holes before the tie was broken with him bitching most of the way.

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That is a tough one. I believe that the ace pool should stay in play because league is continuing until there is a winner. But what holes should then be played in a playoff? Personally I believe that you should start on the first hole and go until the tie is broken. If you always do it like that then there can be no questions.
If those holes(7 & 8 ?)  quoted "they are short and very easy"!!!! Why was the ace not hit then!?!?!?!  It should still be in affect!!!! It always has, correct!?!?!? And always will!!!! Just play it!! It could be you hitting it!!!!
Dan always wins ace pot lol

I say make them play 1-2-3-4... Because when I was in the same situation there we played 1-7-8-9-18. Basicly it's a shorter walk from 2 back to the cars then playing 1-7-8-9 and walking back from 9 where the playoff would more then often end. If they got a problem with it I will cone up there and win all the doubles league money ;). Keep it up Dan if it wasn't for you there would be no league there.
Actually I turned it over to Bill in April because I knew I wouldn't be there for a while and I was voted in as v.p. of our club in Terre Haute so I didn't want there to be a conflict of interest. Donald's game improved and Charlie got mad  because Donald was still playing in C pool. Bill made Donald move up to B pool and Donald, R.H. and Dennis got mad. So Bill got tired of the b.s. and turned it over to R.H. last week. R.H. didn't say anything about the playoff, playing the holes in order was the way we did it last year and since I'm not really running it I didn't feel like I could say we have to play the holes in order but I didn't think it fair to play for the ace fund by skipping the hardest hole either. BTW it was one of our guys from T.H. doing the bitching.
Wow sounds like things are going crazy there. Maybe it's time to suggest random draw doubles and do away with the A-B-C pool deal. I'm having issues getting mine going here, there is one guy at my skill and everybody else is rec players. So this one guy cries the whole time if he picks a bad partner lol. Then twice he's quit in the first 9 because it started raining. So now I have to make a call if Im going to allow there money back if it rains.
R.H. did make it random draw. Next time I will ask the whiner if he needs to change his tampon. In the past when I was running it if someone were to get injured or wanted to quit part way through I would give their partner the option to continue as a wildman but if he won anything the quitter wouldn't get paid. Good luck with your league. The only time we stop play is for lightning and if the round can't be completed then the money is refunded.

Rain is more of an issue here do to the lack of grass, My course is a whopping 20 feet from the Gulf of Mexico. So when it rains it gets nasty slippery in places. Now I have never fell, but almost did a few times. Im going to call a meeting after this weeks league and let everybody say there peace before I make some league rules.


You ever fill the hole by 5's teebox with dirt, that things dangerous ;b

You will have to come back so we can find it. The only time we have a problem with it is when you are here as you seem to be the only one that steps in it :-) Walmart has waterproof hiking boots with nice thick treads on the bottom that work well for me in wet weather disc golf, they are about $30 and one pair lasts the whole season as long as  I use regular shoes some of the time in the dry.
No worries I can point that hole out in no time, it's right next to that big dent in the ground where I landed lol. I use same kind of shoes, but this stuff is just super slick type mud. You almost need ice skates to play on it. But I'm going to try to get the park to lay down some grass.

Why would your league allow for the Ace pool to be "in play" for a playoff in the first place?  The ace pool should only be up for grabs during the regulation round period. Why? ....Simple......does everyone participating that day have the same chance or number of attempts at hitting an Ace during a playoff?  No they don't.

Keep it simple by only allowing the pool to be in effect during the regulation round.


I agree with Jamie for the same reason he posted, equal opportunity.
agree 100%, no ace pool during a playoff, hit it during the regular round if you want the cash.


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