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where do yall go to do this for practice or just try out new discs? also how? do you just stay in one spot or whats your methods?

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I used to throw at a football field, its good because you can use the field as a fairway and try not to go out of bounds, also it's nice because you can see how far you are throwing each driver. I would drag a trashcan out onto the field as a target on on each endzone. It also had some soccer nets so I would play some object holes aswell. Now I live on the beach so I throw Mids from sandbar to sandbar lol. (side note: only lost one disc, thanks to jellyfish attack) Just don't rip you arm out of socket throwing drive after drive, I would try to mix it up. Long bombs each way, Upshots, overhands, rollers, then long bombs again...... you may throw in some trick shots in the mix, I got really good with my skip shots from that football field.

I go to a field behind my parent's house.  It is probably about 400' long and 200' wide with trees at the ends.  I just set up the basket in one corner of the field and then head off the the opposite corner.  I throw all my drivers, then my midranges.  Then I go pick up my mids and practice the approach shots.  After that I throw all my putters.  Then I repeat the process, teeing off right next to the basket, throwing to the "tee" area where I had previously thrown from.  I find that after a few rounds of that, you can really get some good practice in.  Also, I practice with my brother, and with all the discs between us, you get a BUNCH of throws.

I am still working out all of my shots.  I have tried switching the type of shot per set.  So one time through I will work on a backhand shot.  Then the next time forehand, so on and so forth. 

I'll tell ya, my sidearm shot is pretty stinky, but it has gotten me out of trouble in rounds before.  If I did not work it out in the field beforehand, I don't think I ever would have bothered with it in a game setting.  So practice definitley helps! =)

Somewhere with distance markers. Always work on form first so you don't tire yourself out emptying your bag the first time. Then when you are pulling your disc properly you can slowly add power to it and work on your accuracy with power. A couple times a week should do it. Maybe a half hour to an hour of throwing all your discs. Take your time, you are working on your form and accuracy, not distance. The distance will be there just by learning how to throw the disc with correct form.

Find a Open field. Throw with the wind  , against it and Cross winds.


There is a huge field that is part of the fairgrounds walking distance from my house, probably 1000ft x 1000ft. Plenty of room to throw any direction.


Empty the bag one way, turn, and repeat. Great for practicing different lines or playing the wind.

In my basement I hung a sheet from the celing with a square taped on it and from 10-15' away put them right into the square. They hit the square drop and no long walk in between, I don't work on power just form release footwork and putting the disc where I want it to go. If you think I am going out in the winter in a field and practicing fat chance. I don't loose disc or crank them into the ground.
There is an old playground by my house where we set up distance marker steaks 100 feet apart up to 450 feet.  Also there is enough room and some woods to play 12 holes.
I go to a football field, but I also play certain holes in my head. I'll use the hash marks as my windows. This way I'm not just spraying the discs all over the place. I will also bring just a few discs and practice on just a few things. To many discs and trying to correct to many parts of your game will just slow your progress down.
For me I have young kids so I like the parks that have play grounds and a open field, that way I dont have to pay as much attention to the kids ( still keep a close eye on them) I always try to have something as a target even if it's just my disc golf bag on the other side of the field... otherwise you are just throwing and really that does you no good!

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