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There are a LOT of threads about driving distance so I have a question for the community.  If I consistently throw my drives 250' is it reasonable to expect there to be a disc out there that will instantly give me more distance?  Will switching from a max weight to a 150 class give me distance?  Will buying a "faster" driver give me more distance?  Will working out and increasing muscle mass increase my body weight?


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Technique, technique, technique.
all technique, watch videos, read tutorials, strength doesn't do much without the technique.
1,150 class maybe in the right wind conditions 2, faster driver prob not what are you throwing for distance 3, work on snapping a towel like you would throw a disc, pratice good form and yes that will help you skinny guys can still rip it there's prob not a magic disc but depending on what you throw for distance maybe. do you throw backhand forehand...working on form is your best bet most with good form can throw any of there disc 250 field practice with all your disc to see what works best for you. you can spend hundreds on disc and still throw 250 if you dont get down your form i dont have the longest arm but can throw 250 standing still do you have a long runup if so untill you get more distance i would try less steps maybe 1 or 2 its hard to say without knowing how you throw 250 lots of variables flat hyzer anny the list goes on hope this helps
Screw muscle a 12 year old bombs it 600, Its all form, and snap.
The answer is both yes and no..... If you are a seasoned pro or an avid player who has already honed your technique then changing to a new and innovative disc may add distance/control, however if you are not said person it may only become a source of aggravation as to why your not able to produce the distance/control that is promised by all the hype. Look back to 1995 when Stokely's 656' throw held the record for distance, then fast forward to 2002 when Sandstrom threw a 820' bomb with a wide rim driver to claim the record, most pros at this level have already honed there skill and its true that sometimes a few feet can separate a win from a loss. I don't think it hurts to try new disc if you keep in mind that results vary and don't get down on yourself when you cant produce the results that the hype say you should. There are disc that will redefine your game whether your a big arm or are still developing your game, just remember they (disc companies) are out there to sell you disc and generate excitement for a new product and really cater to the masses and not you as an individual player so don't get hung up over what a disc is suppose to do, concentrate on what it actually does in your hand.
All of that can increase your distance, but the biggest thing is technique by far. The Scott Stokely videos and Feldberg/Climo video will help with that. Also, http://www.discgolfreview.com has a lot of articles that will help you understand the concepts and breaking down the throw from start to finish.
I was given the Worlds 3rd longest Drive disc by Ken Jarvis. It's a Dx Teebird , signed !!!
Yes dropping weight on the same disc will in general give you more distance but the increase will be limited.

If you "Work out" do it while building technique. Use an exercise band attached to a door and pull slowly. hold a disc in your hand while doing it. pull straight across your chest. Feel free to work on other shots this way too, overhands, forehand, backhand all develop well this way.

A faster disc is not going to give you more distance, in fact it may take away distance if you don't have the arm speed for it. The speed rating of a disc is proportional the velocity you need to throw in order to obtain the characteristics that the disc is given. In fact Say you are having trouble getting distance with a destroyer drop to a Discraft Crush and you may get a little more distance.

Learn to throw a Putter, If you can throw a putter you should be able to throw anything.
I love the DX TeeBird. I just have to buy at least 3 every year because they wear out quickly.
Perhaps you should buy a DX T-rex instead Starts off more stable but will become close to T-bird stability and fly slightly faster.
A 168 Katana is just fine !!!

I like throwing 150's but i found that they are a lot more inconsistent. On a good throw, a 150 will give you a lil more distance but like i said they are tricky. If you want to get 150s, go with more overstable then you usually throw

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