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I went out to the football field to throw my collection of disc to see which ones go farther and what not.   So i got out there and threw all my drivers, Destroyer, wraith, beast, sidewinders, leopards, teebirds, tl, avenger, surge, tracker, eagle and couple others.  But my confusion comes to that everyone of those discs i would throw about 290.  All pretty much the same distance just with a little different endings.  So with that being said i am wondering what i might need to do different to get the faster speed disc to go further?  Do i need more snap or what?  For example the T-Bird going as far as Destroyer?  Any help would be great...

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more snap
More snap and get the nose of the disc down. Until you have better technique, the faster speed drivers won't do you any good, so I'd pull the wraith, avenger, surge and destroyer for now. Snap is all about timing and it takes most people quite a while to get it down.
Also get the correct weights in your plastic. Max weight is not always the best.
I notice this sometimes happening when i can throw my predator as far as my surge. It happens because often at a field you are throwing for distance with all of your discs when at a course you choose a disc because of its distance and stabillity. each disc has a specific purpose on a course but at a field most of the time you throw for distance and nothing else. a nuke is somthing to throw for distance so you throw it hard i use trackers for accuracy so it gets thrown softer resulting in the difference in distance. Not very well worded but you get the point.
Snap/ Speed. For instance a Destroyer is a speed of 12 and the Teebird is a Speed of 7. Speed is not how far the disc will go. It is the required speed for YOU to throw it at in order for the disc to fly the way it was intended. So if you look at the Destroyer an Wraith. They should have the same flight paths, but since I can't generate enough speed for the Destroyer. It acts more stable and travels about the same distance as my Wraith. I also find I can get more speed and snap with liter discs.
the disc must tear out of ur hand to get huge distance tighten your grip to ensure that the disc doesnt slip out but rips out this adding more snap speed and distance
You know last year I had this same problem. I mean I could throw a ROC or a BUZZZ (or a Rhyno) the same as my best driver, like a wraith, destoryer et el. and a putter was 10 foot shorter. I have worked on lots of snap.

It is practice, practice, practice. When I first started in Tae Kwon Doa right after my first lesson where we did the punch, the instructor said, "Good job, only 10,000 more times and you will do it right." There is great truth in that statement. After a number of belts and number of competitions and 10s of 10,000s punches, I am still learning. When I learn a new move i work on it months before using it for real.

I take that same determination into disc golf. I started playing on Father's Day in 2008, in 2009 I played for real and practiced nearly daily. This year, I am still throw even tougher and harder and the results are paying off. I may throw my first drive correctly this year.
Thank you everyone for your replies. I figured it had to do with snap but not sure how to go about it. I have only recently started playing again and i am playing as much as i can now that my shoulder has allowed me. So i have been playing as much as i can in the last month and a half and purchasing many discs to see what i like. So i definantly will keep working at it and maybe one day it will just hit me. Playing a lot with a couple other rookies that we are learning as we go. Again thanks for all the replies.
just get more snap and work on your drives in a field but dont just do that also work on your putting and approaches...
wind helps.. i was out yesterday football field throwing with wind and i say i can throw 350 because i can get most of my disc field goal to field goal anytime. but yesterday I threw a couple and they hit the fence 20 or so feet behind the post so i moved back about 50 feet and still hit the fence a few times so i know those shots were easy 400. but i still say i can throw 350. and if every thing is right i can throw farther.
wow J!!
The power grip is what I throw all the time with an X step or a version of the X step. With the right comination a Teebird will go 375' with a margain of error of 50' or so depending on weather conditions. Keep practicing with the disc that you feel most comfortable and the distance will come. The key is to throw beyond your comfort zone. When I first started using the power grip I would griplock all the time. Now 275-325' is a Roc with enough of a ceiling to air it out. 325-375' is a Teebird, and a Katana or Boss depending on how I want the disc to finish at the end for anything over 375'. Keep practicing and the distance will come with time. Good luck.

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