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i like to drive with putters a lot, i have used a challengers and wizards before but there not doing what i want any more. ive tried rynos and pigs and there too overstable and was wondering if you all had any suggestions?

ok i have now chose to throw a jk pro aviar!!!!! so thank you all very much for the input. and keep them coming im open for new ideas. thank you

-short shorts

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I play with a guy named Ben from Mt. Pleasant that drives around 350 with a putter, its the sickest thing I've ever seen. He uses a JK Aviar X 4x's. When he throws as a drive he putts a lot of hyzer on it and throws extremely high. I personally cant throw mine that far but have found that this disc with that line works fairly well.
i can also get some pretty long throws on my elite z buzz.... i can't throw anywhere near 300 ft or whatever but it flys strait as can be for me....
I've seen people use star or champion aviars just for driving.
I use a nice, broken in Aviar, no bead, 1996 for shots that NEED to fade and are not over 300ft. I also use a CE Aero to drive through fairways where you need to fly straight and not hyzer out at the end.
ok well today i played a tournament for my players pack i picked up a jk pro avair. i liked the way i threw it. i also picked up an XD havent tried it yet. thank you all for the replys and keep them coming there all great advice.

-short shorts
JK Aviar, max weight.
that it is!!

Matt Jankowski said:
JK Aviar, max weight.
Magnet or Challenger depending on the wind and i have also been using a backed off Comet a lot in the woods instead of trying to pipe a putter.
Aviar... It is one of the best all around discs I own. I drive upshoot and putt with them.
2nd'd! Magnets (I prefer Soft but D plastic is durable) are fantastic slight anhyzer putters.
In the Aviar line, I go with the basic mold.. KC is stiff and JK's just dont work with me.
I throw the MAGIC!(Gateway) Very understable putter/driver, it will flip and go right on the most hyzer of throws. Has amazing feel, beadless, and nice straight fade.
Just picked up a Voodoo, also by Gateway, and it flies on a predictable hyzer line. holds nice straight for around 180-240'.

Use what feels good..

Scoot_er said:
Magnet or Challenger depending on the wind and i have also been using a backed off Comet a lot in the woods instead of trying to pipe a putter.
Pure Disc Golf dot Com said:
I don't much agree with that statement, if you learn to go to your putters more your scores will be lower. I don't know that many pros who throw putters consistently off the tee. Most would opt out for a midrange and just throw it smoother.

Andrew Rich

I (a decent player, though not a pro) have the same feelings about the matter that you do Andrew. Yes, I can throw my putter 300, but it's easier to throw a midrange (my worn dx roc) on the same line (slightly lower) and get a nearly identical completely straight throw. At 200 ft though, the roc gets a little more overstable because I have to throw it softer, so that's the time for the challengers to come out. That's the simplified version of the decision of mid or putter. There are other factors (landing area, canopy height, etc..), but I don't have the energy to go there.
I'll agree with everyone above who said that learning to drive w/ a putter will improve your scores...for me, its much easier to control the end of the flight with a putter than with a midrange, especially when you're throwing shorter than 250-300' (depending on how far you can drive with one). Being able to drive a putter well also helps a lot when trying approach a basket on a tricky or sloped green, or on approach shots where you don't want any skip or play after your disc hits the ground.

My vote goes for the Wizard...those things are designed to handle a good amount of power. I putted/drove with a KC Aviar for about 3 years solid until I tested the Wizard a few months ago...in my opinion, it's much better for higher-power throws.

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