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So I've never had much luck using my putter further out than say 75' to 100' (approx) let alone driving with it. When ever I would use more than a minimal pull through, accuracy went out the window. I think the major reason for this is my grip. I've tried a power grip, no luck, because my index finger gets caught on the rim. Tried a fan grip, no go, it would just slip out and go no were.

So, what type of grips do you use or any further modifications to your throw when you use a putter for distance.


Thanks and Peace.


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Driving with a Putter 101 -

Rescue, note how cocked his wrist is on the throw, he puts a lot of spin on this throw and it just floats gently into the chains (where it appeared to spin for a while). What a beautiful smooth throw and perfect center hit.
I really like the birdie grip. Pointer finger is tucked under the rim (like a power grip, but not as deep). Middle finger is straight out to stabilize the flight plate. Ring finger is in a deeper power grip, and my pinkie finger is anywhere that isn't touching the disc. If I held the disc upside down, I'd be flipping you off (but with my pinkie out like I'm some socialite holding a wine glass)
I do a one step, or more often, a standing drive. Like someone said before; less arm, more snap. My body has less rotation, and my pull doesn't start as deep, but I whip the towel at the end. I throw mine with a ton of hyzer too. With a lightly seasoned Magnet, I will flip it flat and it might get out to 175' or so. With a more overstable disc (Focus, Challenger, Wizard), I'll throw it harder and get a mini helix out of it. I love doing the latter on elevation holes.
Rescue, remember you cant throw a putter like a driver. You have to get some air under it to get distance out of a putter. What putter are you using? I use a KCpro to drive with a mod. fan grip. You might have to give it a little hiser if you are going for max distance.
Main putter is an APX swirl. For windy days or from approx 50+ I use a JK Aviar, but I've been thinking about using a Wizard again. Since the rim isn't as deep as the JK.
You might even want to consider a Voodoo, It flys a lot like the wizard, slightly less stable, but shallower rim smaller bead.
I can throw a magnet 200+ with accuracy, play some catch and it will work its self out.
You always seem to accomplish much more in your posts with a lot less words. :-)
My old friend Rescue, I'm an Am you know that, I moved my game in wooded areas here to mostly midranges so on shorter straight holes that I need to thread I throw my Lat 64 Spike putter. No matter how hard I throw it it won't flip. So accurate. It has a shallower rim so I can power grip it to throw it. Give one a try. I'd suggest the Zero Line plastic. If you decide you don't like it, get on Discaroo and I'll trade you something for it, I was considering buying another for me so I can have a driver and a putter.
Fork grip that sucker.

Check out Climo's grip vid on youtube, he explains it.
Um buy a challenger...problem solved haha if you are probs with the deep rim on a putter try a ringer its to shallow for me but I know alotta people who love em
Its modified fan grip with power. Let me see if i can get a picture it allows me 300ft with jk and kc aviars. Also this grip is good for mid range turn over shots as you can adjust your spin to allow the disc to roll over when you want it too takes practice. Notice how the fingers are away from the rim the fingers should be comfortable the thumb pressure should control the grip and power you want. Good luck.


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