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So I've never had much luck using my putter further out than say 75' to 100' (approx) let alone driving with it. When ever I would use more than a minimal pull through, accuracy went out the window. I think the major reason for this is my grip. I've tried a power grip, no luck, because my index finger gets caught on the rim. Tried a fan grip, no go, it would just slip out and go no were.

So, what type of grips do you use or any further modifications to your throw when you use a putter for distance.


Thanks and Peace.


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I use a soft banger gt, so my thumb has no other place to rest and i put 4 fingers tucked under neath for driving. i do not take my eyes off the target with my putter because it holds that line. i use it on some drives because it has such a soft landing, virtually no skip, when i absolutely need it because OB is close behind the basket. Risk though, if you put it on the wrong line, you can put yourself way out no matter how darn pretty that straight flight is. Most cases, i rely on my Buzzz, unless like i said, i need to minimize skip because of OB, or a hill, or something i don't want to get in to near the basket.
I drive quite often with an Aviar that I have had for quite a few years. I don't even use it as a putter! I have two aces on this one already and don't plan on putting it away anytime soon! One was during a PDGA tourney!

Putting from the Teepad...
Do you guys use a run up, or are you stationary?
A Jk Pro Aviar at max weight and new is stable enough to throw 250 without turning it at all. I throw challengers up to 250 with confidence. I know you've posted a lot and you have pretty decent power if I remember right, so I'm guessing the issue is that you're throwing your putter like a driver with too much arm and not enough spin. Spin keeps that putter locked on a frozen rope.
I started throwing my putter a lot more after this past Ace Race. It really changed my game... I use a fan grip like J.D. does and it works great.
If you really want to work on accuracy then play some catch with a friend. Start about 50-75ft away then move futher as you get more and more accurate... it really helps. Plus you can try different grips and releases to see what work best. Switch side also, throw with and against the wind.
That could be it, but I just don't seem too get a good release. The rims are so big on the putters. My fingers either get cought up (to tight of a grip?) and the putter grip locks to the right or the disc slips out (to loose?) and just flies to the left. I'll also take a good look at my pull through.
FYI, I throw an APX and a JK Aviar
I grip mine with pointer finger on the rim, three others under the rim. Pretty straight and have had numerous others chain out. no run up needed would be to strong and make it flip badly. pretty good out to about 150 or 180 down hill.
Driving with your putter...that's better then.... "Driving With Your Eyes Closed.....Your Gonna Hit Something.....That's The Way It Go-oesssss"
I use a modified control grip I believe. I have the index finger on the rim and the rest of the fingers are stacked against my pinkie, but are also a little out onto the flight plate. My pinkie is firm against the rim. The disc actually rips off the pinkie in this grip, not the index finger. Try it out and see if it's comfortable.

Putters need a higher line and more spin vs arm speed. Really concentrate on snapping that thing out there. I think I cock my wrist a little more. You can't just muscle a putter and expect good results. Actually a really good way to develop a good clean putter toss is to play Ulimate...or at least play long range catch with a frisbee. Learn how to throw an Ultrastar long and it'll help your putter off the tee game.

And also, I use a normal run up with a putter, just maybe a touch slower. Whatever gets you into a good tempo for the throw...go with it. If you're going to throw stand still off the tee, be sure to practice that way, and don't push it. If you try to crank it from that position, you're going to shank the drive.
Driving with a Putter 101 -

I really like the birdie grip. Pointer finger is tucked under the rim (like a power grip, but not as deep). Middle finger is straight out to stabilize the flight plate. Ring finger is in a deeper power grip, and my pinkie finger is anywhere that isn't touching the disc. If I held the disc upside down, I'd be flipping you off (but with my pinkie out like I'm some socialite holding a wine glass)
I do a one step, or more often, a standing drive. Like someone said before; less arm, more snap. My body has less rotation, and my pull doesn't start as deep, but I whip the towel at the end. I throw mine with a ton of hyzer too. With a lightly seasoned Magnet, I will flip it flat and it might get out to 175' or so. With a more overstable disc (Focus, Challenger, Wizard), I'll throw it harder and get a mini helix out of it. I love doing the latter on elevation holes.

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