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Greetings DiscGolfersR.Us world,


     I had created a group called "Dye Discs" with hopes of seeing people's work of art on their Discs.

I am a novice or beginner.  I had posted my attempts at dying my discs.  But there have been only a few people who joined, and I am thankful for them displaying their work of arts.  Since my group has not been popular or well advertized, I created this discussion.

     Please inspire me and hopefully anyone else who is interested in this type of work.  Use this discussion to show off your Artistic side of our sport.

    Here I am with my favorite Disc that I decorated myself.............  The "NUKE".





When posting your works, please reduce your pixal to something less then 500.

This way it will be small enough not to warp the Discussion, but big enough to see the Disc's details.


Thank you,


aka Daddy_Dragon

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Can anyone give me some links to some disc dyeing how-tos?  I want to get into this.
Look on YouTube there are a bunch
hell bro im still doing just the 1 color cant seem to find a good method to get 2 or 3 colors ,also i broke down n bought a plotter that cuttting by hand ,isnt for me , ive got a few on my page that ive done so far, did that same nuke design on  mine

I tried youtube but I really learned when 13oo13oo showed me his stuff.  He has a great layout and does great work.  Me, I just started.  I ruined a couple of my Nukes because of stupid mistakes.  I do not have any fancy equipment.  This is what I do.

1) Find a picture that I like, make sure that it can fit on a disc and then print.

2) Tape picture up to my sliding glass door.

3) Tape my "contact paper" that I bought at Wal-mart over the picture that I want.

4) Trace over the design on the contact paper.

5) Place the contact paper on to my disc, making sure that there are no bubbles.  I use my Driver's License to smooth out the bubbles.  This is a pain to me.

6) Using an "Exacto Knife" that I also bought at Wal-mart, I carefully cut out the design on the contact paper.  I have to be really careful so that I do not damage the disc.

7) Heat up "Rit Dye" (Wal-mart) that was premixed in a Poweraid bottle.  I use one box of powder Rit and fill up the bottle with water about 95% full.  I heat up by placing the mixture in a glass bowl and nuking it in the microwave for two minutes.  Also, the mixture "stinks".

I use to use the premade Rit Dye in a bottle, but it left my discs with a very light dye.  So thank you 13oo13oo for your advice of using heat powder dye mixture.

8) Make sure that the entire topside and sides of the disc are covered by the contact paper, this way the dye will not leak on to the underside.  Make some handles to lift the disc.

9) Carefully place the Disc into the heated mixture making sure there are no bubbles in the mixture (it could leave a white spot).  Then wait about three to ten minutes depending on how dark you want the disc to be.

10) Carefully lift the disc, let excess liquid drop back into the pan, and place unto papertowels.  Let the disc dry a little, then run under flowing could water.  Be careful not to get the underside wet with the dye.

11) After the excess dye is washed off, remove the contact paper from the disc.

12) When the paper is removed and the disc is dried, use a little goof off to remove excess glue from the contact paper.

13) Then wash your disc with Dawn because the goof off makes the disc slippery.


You're done. 

The process is simple.  But it is very time consuming for me, cause I do not have a light table, or tracing table (I use my sliding glass door and manually trace on the contact paper), I do not own a plotter (I manually cut out my own designs.)  But I like that my Discs are different, and I like that I made them so.  Check out what I have done on the group "Dye Discs".  Everytime I create, I'll post there.  Also, there are several people that have vast experiences that have posted their work there.  I recommend the works of 13oo13oo and Cassidy. 

One can also go to


Click the Forums tab

Under Equipment, the is a section called "Disc Dyeing"

13oo13oo is just insanely talented.  Looking at Wicked's dyes he got incredibly good in a short amount of time so I'm excited to see what he does in the future. 


I'm starting with a couple simple designs that Moe Dee from 'we're dyeing here' has been nice enough to share with me and I have a champ firebird x-out to do a test dye on, I'm excited to get into this.


Thanks for all the great info guys.

From what 13oo13oo told me.  For multiple colors, you'll have to have several stencils.  Remove the cut outs for one color, when done, cover them back up with the pieces from the other stencil.  Remove the pieces for the other color, when done, cover them up etc..........

It is a long process but it works.


Layer your dyes.

First let's say black.  When dry remove the pieces for the second color lets say green so you would use blue dye.  When dry remove the pieces for the third let's yellow, dye it yellow.  The black will only get more black, the blue will be green, and the yellow will be yellow.

Hopefully I got that correct.  But you get the picture????

Look on my page under friends.

Tim (has a bulldog disc)




Wicked Dyes

Bruce Brakel

Now you, Joshua

Like to Dye Discs.

The family is growing.....................

Whenever my name is used in vain on the internet, I get an alert -- not a google alert, an internal alert.  It's very weird.


There are already a lot of dying groups and dying threads on this website.  You can see some of my work on my page. 


I started doing hand cut stuff and then went with plotter cut for popular designs.  Now that I'm not helping run tournaments anymore, I don't do a lot of disc dying.  I dyed discs mainly to make our tournaments 1 degree cooler. 


I like seeing all the cool stuff that other people are doing.  My coolest stuff is my Darth Vader, because I developed that artwork from a photo of a movie prop, and my Stevie Ray, because I developed that from a photo of an advertisement for one of his concerts. 

"Whenever my name is used in vain on the internet"

I hope that I did not offend you in some way.

I was just advertizing the people that I have seen their work.

If what you said was sad in humor........... LOL

But you were one of the first that spoke to me over the net with this topic.

check out at least 30 dyes at my page

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