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Hey All,

I have seen several discs sold online with pics that I would assume are/or potentially are copyrighted pics.

I also have started to design and dye discs with logos from my wife and my favorite band. I was wondering what you knew about the laws on this? If someone came to me and wanted to pay for one would that be against the law?

I want to be a legal as possible as far as what I do when I am dyeing.


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here they are.

Cowboy said:
"Copyrights" are generally written words and pictures are concidered "Trademarks". In either case if there is a small "TM" (pending), SM (service mark) or the circle R (registered) on the figure. You can not replicate with the entent of using it in commerce. So, let say that you replicated the trademark that I own the rights too and use it to line your pockets. If I were to find out and I concidered you a threat. You would have a Federal Lawsuit against on your lap and owe me big jack!
So how are those dyes? Post some pics
Holy crap. This is what America is coming to. If you use someones art or logo, isnt it becuase you like it and/or a fan. You are not copying it since there is no way it will be identical if you turn it into a dye. And I can guarnatee you are not going into mass production and will profit from this dyeing venture. So dye away my friend. Trace your images and dye them! Its called appreciation. I draw some of mine and get some of mine from on-line. But I tell people which are which if they ask. Simple as that. Someone wants a detroit logo on there disc, do you think detroit will come after me or the mayor will fire a lawsuit my way, hell no. Its free advertising for them. Copyright laws mainly pertain to replicating, stealing or copying of ones image and claiming it as your own or to profit from someone elses name (logo). Come on, dye away
In my opinion this is a non-issue. Unless you are planning on profiting from someones work you are not going to have a problem. If anything, you are advertising for the original artist. I dye discs for my own use or for friends and a lot of my stuff is copied (because i'm not an artist). Although, I would encourage anyone to be creative at some point and come up with their own art. I love dyeing discs!
no, it is illegal if he says, I have a dave matthews band disc and here it is. Having the logo and representing it as such would be illegal. Profitting from the use of their name would be illegal. But saying hey, I like these guys so I dyed it on my disc, oh you wnat to buy the disc, cool, 20 bucks for the disc with a dye on it, (not $20 for a dave matthews disc) is legal. Again, Dye away brother!! Dye away!!!
i've started one of those "which is better innova or discraft?" threads! lol

Thanks to all of you. I personally see it as a way of expressing my liking for the music. No more no less. Not looking to sell or anything.
Ok, being as you are only planning on using it for your personal appreciation and your friends, I would agree that you are fine. Some of the people doing extremely clean looking dyes that they are able to replicate and offer them on their websites where they sell discs should use caution. One of these discs has multiple bids on it and is already over $21 without shipping. You cannot tell me that disc would have that kind of interest without the dyed logo on it. And it is listed as a "Lakers Dye". Sure looks like profiting from my point of view.

Here are the examples:

hey now,two cents worth;unfortunately you do not own the rights to a copyright item.Hence, the copyright law.Doubtfull,ask Dave Matthews himself, I believe it's his own drawing.Check with Bama Rags.Peace
This is so odd. We were talking about this last night at home when I dyed a couple discs with the Monster logo.
Let's see 'em. Post some pics!

William Sherlin said:
This is so odd. We were talking about this last night at home when I dyed a couple discs with the Monster logo.
There are some Awesome Dye jobs out there !!!!

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