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I have been introduced to this wonderful sport thanks to my boyfriend.  We've been playing together for a little over a year now, and I have to say -- it wasn't until we began playing that I realized I had a competitive bone in my body.

We enjoy playing in all sorts of weather and living in Ohio, you know that can change by the minute.  These past few months we have accumulated more than two to three feet of snow.  On the courses we play regularly, there are anywhere between 1 1/2 to 2 feet at any given time. It's a challenge (especially when your disc disappears immediately upon landing).

The last couple of weekends we have played, and with the slight increase in temperatures, the snow has begun to thaw.  Because not many people around where we play are as "die hard" as we apparently are, it has become a bit like an Easter Egg hunt.  We are beginning to find discs that other players have lost and given up their search for.

I have made attempts to call the owners (or few individuals who have put their name and telephone number on their discs).  My question is... how many attempts does one make to try and get a hold of the owner before adopting the new disc?

I believe in Karma.  Believe me... my game could use all the good Karma I can get!  I would like to return said discs if the owners claim them, but I'm not going to become "stalkerish" in trying to return them to their rightful owners if they do not return my call.

Anyone have any suggestions on easing a guilty conscience?

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Twice isn't stalkerish, three times is. :P
honestly it's up to the finder

personally i would call once during a typical good hour somewhere between 7 and 9pm, if i got no response i'd call the next day at what ever time you can and leave a voice message, hold on to the disc for a few days and if there is no response...congrats on your new addition!

some request a "finders fee" but honestly i think thats bogus...unless you found it in a lake than a small "donation" would be understandable but if you just so happen to find it in a wooded area, or open area just be a good person and let them know whats up

apparently about 7/10 calls you will make will not be in service any more so...yea

oh yea, welcome to the sport! happy huckin!
The discs you find in this weather are likely from other "die hard" golfers who you will see at the local courses and leagues for years to come. Some will become your friends and playing partners. So these discs represent first impressions and first interactions with your soon-to-be-met frisbee buddies.

You have made the initial calls. Good job. Any disc with a name on it deserves to go to the original owner as soon as the owner is located, even if that is years from now. But there is a handling fee, which means you have the right to test it and use it until the owner happens along. Don't worry about making multiple calls on each disc, fate will determine when the owner is located.

The one thing someone playing as long as you needs is to play with and learn from better players. These found discs are the perfect excuse. Whenever you see someone who looks to have good skills on the course, ask them if they lost any discs in the snow and if they did, offer to give them back their own disc for a short lesson. Who knows, returning lost discs may turn out to be more benefit to you than the rightful owners. Karma works in its own way.
I mostly Agree with Mr. Ellis on this. After a few attempts..usually no more than 3 calls (especially if they have voice mail) ...You've done your duty...a solid effort. I don't typically use them though...I put them into a box in the back of the truck..eventually you'll meet someone who might know those golfers or you might inadvertently cross paths.....sometimes it takes months....maybe longer. I had a Roc found last July with a name and Pdga number from a dude in south FL....I held that disc till Oct..when I seen him on the score board at a tourney in Otown....I dropped it into the lost and found pile. After the next round it was gone. No namers are technically fairgame...but I still ask around locally first...if it's something I don't want...I usually give them away to new players or put them up for CTP's.
You can keep them in a box marked "lost disc" in your trunk and pull them out in between rounds while you eating or resting, ask some of the locals to take a look and see if they reconize any names.
I usually try at least twice, if they don't call you back then you've done your duty. Keep them around, you never know when you might run into them on the course. I've never charged a finders fee though.
Call them a couple times and if they don't claim the disc or answer then adopt the disc, or if you have a local Disc Golf Club report the discs to them and see if they'll put up a sign of the disc(s)...oh and I agree with Rudy S....lol
I usually put in quite a bit of effort to get lost plastic back to the original owner. However, that does not mean multiple calls. Typically, I will make the first initial call and leave a message if no one answers. Then, I would make a post in the appropriate thread on this site as well as the pdga discussion board site. Usually, someone will know the person and I can get it back that way. At the course, I ask people if they know the person. If I don't get any responses and it is something that I want to try out, then it goes in the bag. I figure if I ever run into the person, then they will get it back. However, there comes a point when you have put in A LOT of effort that seems to be wasted. Karma works in mysterious ways... putting in that initial effort shows a lot! I couldn't agree more with Mark- very well put.

I once left my bag at the course- it was a miracle it came back to me- along with my wallet and all of the cash in it. Then, when I found a bag at the course, I made it my mission to find the owner. What comes around goes around, pay it forward!

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