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I guess most players have this problem too...You throw a disc real hard and your fingertip starts to hurt.You look and you see black dots in your skin. The so called ;under the skin rip blisters
Or, after years of playing you get callus and then all of a sudden it starts to hurt....

What do you do?

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I do use tape but it has been hard to find the right one.
It has to be strong but not to thick.
Sports tape is the best I could find but that one is almost to thick.

It also blows when it is real warm cuz' the tape wants to slide off.....

Most of the time I have 2 separate tapes on my middle finger and sometimes one on my pointing finger(how do you call that finger?)

I am a little afraid to get rid of it since it is on my throwing hand and I don't want to make the mistake that I can not use it for 6 weeks or so....
But maybe any of you guys/girls have a solution?
Try using super glue (ethyl cyanoacrylate). You know, the fast drying clear glue than comes in tiny little tubes. Disc golfers have had great success coating their "rip spots" with it. It seems to bond with the skin, and makes a hard, tough surface. It can last for days. Experiment...

I used super glue to close a deep knife cut in my thigh. It worked! If I had gone to the emergency room, it would have cost me around $1000 since I don't have insurance. The super glue was $0.33.
I had a deep gash in my foot from going in water to retreive my disc, probably atleast a quarter inch deep, I just taped the wound together and it healed great.

Ontopic I currently have a blister on my Index Finger (pointer finger) and it bothers me I was just thinking of putting tape on it today.
I used to use the black electrical tape.
I totally understand that you did what you had to do, but there was a whole lot of ways for that solution to go horribly wrong. I've had some buddies that tried a similar method and the results weren't pretty. Not trying to dog on you or Steve below, just wanted to put out a warning to anyone who might try the same.
regular paper tape is king. I can't play long without it.
I have used sports tape for my middle and index finger when I throw a bunch of fan grip shots.
Remember that paper tape u use when u jammed your finger playing baseball in grade school? WORKS GREAT for covering up soft spots.
back in the 60's? jk
No, that tape is to slippery.Or maybe we have different tape over here(netherlands)?
I like the cloth kinda feel.
The paper tape is to thin for my taste.
But the problem is more on the top of my index finger and I never taped that.

I am not so sure about the glue.The glue gets hard and that can be a problem of it self.
i havent had this problem playing disc golf. But im also an avid rock climber and tear off large hunks of skin often. The only tape i use is johnson and johnson athletic tape. It might be too thick for you and affect the feel of your grip, i also know that some guys rub fast drying rubber cement into there tape for aid climbing so they can hold onto there gear better. Another good tip is to use diaper rash cream with zinc on popped blisters. If you go three hours with cream and tape/bandaid. Then three hours dry with no bandaid, and repeat for 1 day. Your wound will be about 75% healed. learned that from a doctor at the crag.
Don't use any lubricating creams or jellies !!

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