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Puts a nice flat top on em. I turned a dx Viking into a Flick. Bake at 300 degrees for 2 minutes.

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Its a big conspiracy, all the disc golf companies are secretly poisoning us to death by putting chemicals in discs that are released when you put your discs in the oven to make them fly differently.  I think you should take this to 60 Minutes. Its a very smart way of murdering disc golfers en masse, I always dry my discs off after a rainy day by preheating the oven and whacking them in for a few minutes.  Why use a towel, thats so 80s....


CSI's never gonna figure this one out, its the perfect crime.



Dyed discs do not have a detectable thickness. They are Ink based and not paint.

Yes buts its "Post production modification." Nonetheless

Also then baking the disc has not detectable thickness so is that legal now?

I've done that, too. I made a YouTube video on how to do it lol. It has a lot of views, lots of thumbs down lol.

One great trick involves an R-Pro Dart - Boil some water, let the disc soak for a minute, lay it top down, and push the rim down and put pressure on the bottom side of the flight plate - it makes it fly absolutely straight because it smushed down the part where the curvature of the dome meets the rim. It leaves the top completely flat. I know its a 0/0 disc, but this process really makes it 0/0.
The Air Force and Navy are carrying out programs that spray barium, strontium, aluminum oxide, and other toxic garbage into our atmosphere to geoengineer the planet in an attempt to mitigate carbon emissions supposed effects on climate change. Many think it's just a "conspiracy theory", but no matter where you go, with the exception of a few middle eastern countries, carcinogens are being sprayed all over and poisoning the soil.

Not to mention GMO foods, MSG, Bisphenol A, red #6 and other food dyes, almost every vaccine on the market. If your worried about a kid putting a disc in the oven, you are living in the "Matrix" lol. Carcinogens are everywhere. It almost seems intentional.
They're onto us, let's Tango and Cash it outta here!

His post doesnt say anything about using the disc in competition or the player being dishonest. Basically your saying its not cool to go play a leisure round with an old frisbee or any other disc thats not legal. Who cares if the guy wants to melt three discs together and see how it flies. A leisure round for fun is way different than competitive play.......

Exactly, the post never intended to be about competition or if its legal or not in competitive play. Leisure rounds can be played with a dinner plate if your out messing around or just looking to try something different. There seems to be a crusade of players who expect everything in the sport to be perfect, including player etiquette......its just not gonna happen! Its suppose to be fun, and modifiying a disc is interesting. It doesnt mean you have to be sneaky and try to use it in competition, its just cool to be so addicted to the sport that it would dawn on you as a good idea to bake a disc! LOL

Word Josh. The disc really sucked and it was my first year playing.

Just don't tell people your Baking your Disc's !!!   :)

I didn't think I could possibly squeeze anymore sarcasm into that last post, and then you tell me about the Air Force and Navy?


I'm gonna go get the aluminium foil and make a hat so the aliens can't read my thoughts....


i know i have dyed discs and many of them and it alters the flight path. i have dyed my destroyers when they get understable and when i put a dye job on them it brings some stability back.... its cool for people to alter discs for fun thats how innova invented the new blizzard plastic, a few years ago a disc with air bubbles in it was an xout and couldnt be used in tournament play. now they put air bubbles in them and altered the disc and now its cool and legal. im not sayin.... im just sayin.

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