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The other day, my wife and I had and argument and she stated that playing disc golf 3 times in a week is excessive. WHAT?! I defended myself with," it's inexpensive, fun and I'm outside getting exercise. I'm not spending money at a casino, downloading porn, playing an online game for hours or taking part in any other self destructing behavior. So what's the problem?"
To make a long story short, I didn't win the argument.
Anyone else have this problem with your significant other or family member?

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According to a survey we did last spring and had 500+ responses on, our average network user plays 160 rounds a year. That makes you just about average.

I am lucky, my wife also plays and, in 2008, probably played more than I did.

You could also point out that 3x a week for disc golf is still cheaper (in time and money both) than one round of ball golf a week.

Find a way to save her 2 hours of housework, do it for two weeks, and then invite her to go one round with you in the saved time?
Excessive?? You meant three times a day, right?
hahaha yea, i ussually play atleast 10-15 ROUNDS a week.
OH boy... welcome to many discussions you'll see on here about the significant other. I too have that problem and I only average a couple rounds a week. I never win the arguments but always " stop " on the way home from work. Never lie ... You can try the house work idea but It didn't work for me. Good luck on your endeavor.. it's going to be a tricky one. I think the main problem in my circumstance is that she is home alone without a job right now due and she's trying to find one. She just waits for me all day to come home from work. But.. I tell her I need to get away not because of her but because I need a little "me" time once in awhile. She needs ''me'' time as well but... you can't really do much when you don't have the money. She's tried the game out but was never the "athletic or competitive" type in gym class. I've told her it doesn't come instantly but there's no budging at this point. I'm done rambling. Good luck again.
mark ellis said:
Excessive?? You meant three times a day, right?

3x a day insn't excessive, IMO find a disc golf chick ... problem solved :)
Yeah 3x a week is not excessive. I usually play everyday of the week or at least league once a week, a round with the guys on the weekend, and another one or two rounds for...(practice/exercise/mental health). LOL! That makes me think of that annoying "TRUTH" commercial, you know the anti-smoking commercial "If you don't smoke you might beat your wife" How about "If you don't disc you might beat your wife" Just think of all the domestic disputes disc golf has prevented!
You say "I'm not spending money at a casino, downloading porn, playing an online game for hours" like those are bad things %^(
Yeddie VanHalen said:
You say "I'm not spending money at a casino, downloading porn, playing an online game for hours" like those are bad things %^(
When you don't have money, gambling is bad. When you have a child in the house that uses your computer, downloading porn is bad and my wife hates it. Spending money and limited free time playing an online game can also be bad. In comparison to disc golfing a few times a week, those things can easily be considered worse.
I have found the best thing is to ask nicely, realize you can't make it out everytime you want to, and try to allow her to have some "me" time as well.....works well....most times!! haha
mark ellis said:
Excessive?? You meant three times a day, right?
No, I mean 3 times in a week.
After awhile my wife realized that I am a "happy camper" after my rounds......realizing I would be easier to live with after throwing some plastic helped!!
she has to understand disc golf is your passion. i had to explain this to my wife and she hasn't said one word anti-disc golf since...she even encourages me to buy one disc a week now. the argument you used is much stronger with emphasizing disc golf as being serious not just a game or a hobby. like i said its your passion and she should respect that. i had to have a friend sum it up for me before i went back to my wife and explained it to her like that. good luck man, and btw 3 times a week is not excessive. calling in sick and hiring a baby sitter while you go out and practice your home course just because you got your christmas bonus and you don't absolutely NEED a paycheck this week in order to pay rent and still buy diapers would be excessive. thats what joshlotto would do.

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