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I was out at a middle school football field today working on some of my drives and was experimenting with different backhand grips. I have these pictures of a grip that I haven't seen anywhere and was wondering if anyone else knows if this grip is used by anyone else or should just be thrown in the bucket. I'm sure it's just a modified power grip ..but just wondering. It feels like it comes out of my hand like a rocket but it might be because it's something new and feels different. I hear that audible snap more when I use that grip though.. I've been playing for about 2 years now and average 350-400 ft consistently if that helps any.

-I'll start by putting the ends of my fingers against the inner wall and using my skin at the end of my fingers as support on the outer side of the disc. It naturally forces the disc to have an awkward angle on release so I press down with my thumb to keep the front edge of the disc down. I think a bad point to this is if I were to try this grip on the Boss... I don't think my fingers are long enough to do it.


My fingers freakin' hurt.

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haha... Thanks Swamptoy.. I'm always going to use my power grip. Just something that I didn't see on any websites talking about grips. I'll check out that Feldberg video you're talking about. I didn't know that video was done yet already.. good to know.

Bill ... that bonopane grip looks like it hurts worse than the grip I tried out .. ouch. I"ll have to try it out the next time I get out to the field.

Anyway, the Bonopane grip doesn't hurt (me) at all, and seems to help in the ripping of the disc from the hand.
whoops.. my bad. Sorry Bill.. I ended revising that comment. I'm going to try that grip the next time I'm out there for sure
Bonopane grip !!!!
Swamptoy said:
It looks like you throwin the old crip rip Smokey Jones and Player Pookey use that grip but this aint the place to be set trippin .Have you seen Feldberg´s grip video on youtube its helpful if you have not I hope there new video has some stuff on grips .I have been waiting for that video for 2 months . .Has anyone in here got there Ken and Dave video yet .?

I ordered it, but haven't received it yet. It's supposed to be here by xmas!
looks painful... personally i only use 3 fingers. my pinkie never gets involved in my power grip, control, or modified fan grip...
try puting some pressure with the palm of your hand and use thumb for guidence
That'd be like a regular power grip correct?
When I try to grip like that my wrist feels tweaked. It looks like you could hold the disc nice & flat that way though. And I cant get my fingers to line up all nice & straight like you because of old dirt bike injuries. My fingers look like a bag of twisted pretzles.
charles lignos said:
i use two fingers on my drive. i'm the only one that i know that throws this way. i still get a loud snap on a good throw. as a plumber i probably have a pretty strong grip and fingers from working and using different tools. i apply a vice grip like squeeze on all my shots except my putt. by the way, i can still throw around 370' flat.

A friend of mine only grips with two fingers on his backhand throw too. Index and middle finger. He can throw a disc 475ft or so.
Ditto that, and it likes like your thumb is really bearing down on there, Mike. I just tried it here at work (yes, I have a few discs in my office), and it wasn't comfortable for me at all, and I don't think I could very accurate with it. I picture my hand cramping up after a long day of that one.


Hootie said:
lol, i can tell by how red your fingers are in the photos that you are exerting a fair bit of pressure, and it looks like it would hurt.
I use the power grip for my drives, control grip for midrange throws, and fan grip for putting (still learning the fan grip though).
I use a regular power grip with the disc angled to the fold of my hand. I also wrap my fingers so the first knuckle is flat (see Feldberg video interview). I get the most snap with my fingers wrapped to the first knuckle ... but can't do that with the fat Boss rim. I think Feldberg, Doss and those guys must have long fingers if they can throw a Boss that way?

I spent a good deal of time on the soccer field yesterday throwing drives. I'm convinced that my maximum distance has more to do with the disc [power required to turn over an overstable disc] than with my technique/grip. I can definitely throw a Wraith/broken in Wraith, or a Monarch further than the Xcal, Destroyer or Boss. So it's a power issue ... hey, I'm old ... what can I say.

You've got to have enough power to flip the disc if you want to add distance.

For disc golf, I'll still carry a Destroyer or a Xcal in my bag for windy conditions.

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