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I am a bit confused about what makes a legal putt within 10 meters. Are you allowed to stay up on one

foot then fly forward once the disc stops? Can you touch down with both feet after the disc  stops then fall on your face?  How about an akward off balanced step to the side without advancing forward? How long do you have to stay still to be determined balanced? And I thought a legal catch in the NFL was tough. OH yeah GO  BILLS!

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I hate this rule.

I putt mostly with my left foot behind my right.

When I throw, my left leg curls upward, and I hold it.

When my disc lands in the basket or most of the time falls to the ground, I put my left foot down in front and walk towards the basket or disc.  I never put it down in front while the disc is in the air.

And other players call me with a "foot fowl" or "falling putt"


Once again the disc at rest has nothing to do with this rule.  This may be physically impossible but it is legal to loft a disc way up in the air, demonstrate balance, and then sprint to the basket and get there before the disc does.


Whether or not the disc is in the air makes no difference.

C. Any throw from within 10 meters or less, as measured from the rear of the marker disc
to the base of the hole, is considered a putt. A follow-through after a putt that causes the
thrower to make any supporting point contact closer to the hole than the rear edge of the
marker disc constitutes a falling putt and is considered a stance violation . The player must demonstrate full control of balance before advancing toward the hole.  

When throwing from within 10m if you can't prevent yourself from going past your marker you have committed a falling putt.  It doesn't matter if the disc is in the air, at rest or abducted by aliens.

I understand the term, distance etc.

But if a person, hell I'm talking about me,

if I can hold that pose until the disc rests in the basket,

that should count as "demonstrating full control of balance".

If not........ how long do I have to pose before moving towards the hole.

After all a "Jump Putt" is falling or moving forward during the throw.

I am not moving forward.  I pose until .....well everyone should understand where I am coming from.


There isn't a time limit on how long you have to hold a pose or not.  Trying to invent some time limit or some event after which you can proceed towards the basket leads to a lot of confusion as to what actually constitutes a falling putt or not.  Yes if you hold your "pose" until the disc comes to rest means you have probably demostrated balance.  But the next guy that puts a little too much forward oomph on his putt and manages to flap his arms and not fall flat on his face until the disc comes to rest in the basket has not demostrated balance and has comitted a falling putt.  But he will claim that he read on a disc golf forum that as long as he didn't go past his mark until the disc came to rest it's a legal putt.  This is why I always correct people when they say anything about not proceeding until the disc has come to rest.  One of the clearest ways to demonstrate balance is to go back down on your rear foot and then proceed forward.  If you can't drop back to your rear foot before proceeding forward you have not demonstrated balance regardless of how long you hold your pose or whether or not the disc has come to rest. 

I had gone to my local course to play our handicaps.

Spoke to several people who have played a hell of a lot longer then me.

I had explained my frustration with this current topic.

So one said to continue doing what I am doing but instead of taking a step forward after the disc has rested in the basket, or rocking backwards after the disc has rested, to just step to the left after the disc rests and then walk forward.

I admit that I had to practice this technique and it threw my putting off, but if it is legal to do and I will not get called for a "Foot Fowl" or "Falling Putt" and allow the game to proceed smoothly, I have to perfect it.  That is unless it is illegal to do.

I thank you for being patient.  I am an Old Dog, but I can learn new tricks once I get beat across the head enough.

I do the clap hands trick. I putt much like you said, I have one foot hanging in the air. So if my putt goes in I clap my hands once then run and grab my disc out the basket. I've noticed that any hand motion and random noise from a clap take any attention away from ones feet. I do the same thing when I miss except  I clap a little louder in anger. I kind of picked this up watching the Feldberg Videos. 


Don't get me wrong I'm not doing this so I can foot fault, but it's become part of my putt and if I do ever foot fault (without knowing) I'm less likely to be called on it. I have called myself on my own foot fault in the past after sinking a putt, after some stepping off we figured that I was just out side the circle. 

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