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I am a bit confused about what makes a legal putt within 10 meters. Are you allowed to stay up on one

foot then fly forward once the disc stops? Can you touch down with both feet after the disc  stops then fall on your face?  How about an akward off balanced step to the side without advancing forward? How long do you have to stay still to be determined balanced? And I thought a legal catch in the NFL was tough. OH yeah GO  BILLS!

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When the disc stops has no bearing whatsoever.   "Both feet" is not specified, either.


The rule is you must "demonstrate balance' before moving forward.  That phrase is rather ambiguous, though a full stop of forward momentum should qualify.  Though if you hang on one foot for a second and them step forward, someone might question that.


Note that you can fall backwards or sideways without violation.   It's only going forward past your marker that matters. 

I was trying to tell someone about the "demonstrate balance" thing the other day. They were under the impression that you could fall forward as long as the disc had come to rest. I was saying no, that you had to demonstrate balance. If you don't show balance then it is a falling putt.
The best thing to do is to make your putt, be balanced and rest both feet behind the marker before moving forward. Noone can question that. Falling over is not legal what-so-ever within ten meters.
Part of the reason you use a MINI to mark your lie...When you reach down and pick up your mini before you move forward, you have established balance.

"Falling over is not legal what-so-ever within ten meters."


To be specific, it IS legal if you fall over sideways or backwards.


I don't think balance is the part of the "reason" for using minis---come to think of it, I don't know of a good reason for them---but it's a good habit.  Although I've seen some debate on questionable cases where someone started to lean forward, and quickly reached down and snatched their mini, but they still weren't balanced.

Where's Chuck Kennedy? He gave a Good explanation of this a while Back. I would like to hear it again since I can't find that post.
I have done the quick mini snatch before too lol, the guy in my group said "nice save". Mini's are also need when you have to mark a lie that went O.B. or if you need to take your meter relief. I'm somewhat on your boat as I use a mini maybe 2-3 times in a two round events. I see little need for it in putting but when you need that extra few inch's from a branch or when it allows your foot to be flat on the playing surface.
Ah, apologies for the thread drift, I was thinking in terms of minis being an unnecessary development in disc golf.  Clearly necessary under current rules (when relocating lie).  Disc golf could have evolved without them; you take your stance behind your disc, or can replace the disc with another if you want to throw the same one.  
I know that you need to show balance within 10 meters !
This may be nit picky but picking up your mini isn't the same as maintaining balance.  If you are falling forward and you reach down and snatch your before you fall mini you have not demonstrated balance.  Basically as long as the momentum of your throw does not carry you past your marker you're good.
I believe the previous comments were addressing the matter in a bit of a wink-wink nudge-nudge manner. If you're clever, you can push yourself back into balance when you pick up  the mini so it looks like you were ok.

Go Broncos!!!!




No moving forward untill disc is at rest!!!

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