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I would like to get some feedback from people that have experience with both the Innova Competition Bag & the Fade Tourney Bag. I want to buy one of them and am having trouble deciding. Let me know your preferences and why. I want to know the pros and cons of both. Thanks!

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Sorry, can't help with pros and cons of both, i only own the Innova Competition, and I can say that I like it, have no problems with it, allows me to do what I need to do. MAde Sturdy.
I have held the innova bag and own a fade bag. In my opinion the fade bag feels like it is a little bit sturdier. Other than that I love my fade bag. I have owned it since mid august, averaged about 2 rounds a week and still looks new. Holds more than enough for me. For the price I can pretty much say you can't beat it.
I have just purchased my 2nd innova comp bag. These things are durable and are perfect what I carry. I normally bring 10 to 12 disccs depending on the course I will be playing. The only thing I added to the bag is those accordian dividers but other than that, the compitition bag is the best!!! As far as Fade, I have friends that like them and have them and they are pretty much equal to the compitition bags. I would buy either.
somethings i will look for in my next bag are a big opening at the top and frame work on the inside to keep the shape.
I have had both. I have 3 bags. Fade Tourney- Its a nice bag, but if you plan on using this bag for more than a year get something else. Also not much pocket room. Innova Competition- is just a nicer and longer lasting and more pocket space fade. The revolution Carolina- is the best bag and will never need to buy another bag.
I have an Innovova Comp bag and I think that it works great. More room for discs than I need, and plenty of storage. I carry a pretty substantial first aid kit that takes up an entire side pouch, and I still have room to spare. There is room to fit two 32 oz water bottles (snugly), which is a must for me. My only beef is that the velcro on U-channel dividers are not sticking as well as they should and are getting bent. I think the problem arose from not carrying very many discs, and having them flop back and forth for months. Once I started carrying a few more, the problem completely ceased. I play about twice a week and the bag still looks new eight months later. I imagine there will be a few people telling you this bag is crap, but I usually find that they are the same people that recommend a $120 bag. Great bag, especially for the money.

PS- spend the extra $$ for something better than the Innova backsaver straps. I've got Quads in the mail myself after making that mistake.
Thanks to you and all for your input so far! I am still wavering on which one to go with. The only innova bag I have had was the starter bag. I have been using a Fade crunch box and really like it. I have been carrying 12-13 discs in the crunch box and felt that it was kind of messing with my back having it on my shoulder. I decided to get backpack straps and I just ordered the Quad Shocks last night, so thanks for the positive reinforcement. Since I'm going with those, I figured I might as well get a larger bag. I won't have a problem filling it up with discs.
just keep in mind if you are not rated 920 or above there really is not a reason to carry more than 14-16 disc. I use to carry 20+ disc when I played intermediant and it was a mistake. I used 8 disc the majority of the rounds.
Thanks for the input! I thought I might get a reply like yours. I know more is not always better, but I find it hard to narrow it down to 13. When I'm out playing I will often have a shot where I wish I had a disc that is not in my bag. Also I like to keep a couple discs that I have not proven well yet, but want to experiment more with and try to get to know them better. I am not a pdga member yet, but I should be. I would guess that my rating would be around 900. I just started playing a couple years ago and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME. Before that I didn't know the game existed and I'm 43. I keep improving and want to start playing am masters tournaments soon.
I started late as well..44. Wish I new what those funny looking things with chains hanging down and hap hazardly placed in the park were for alot sooner!
Not much of a fan of the Innova bag. Lasted about a year. Don't know about the Fade bag. Save yourself some money (longterm) and time. Look into Revolution, Phenix, and Latitude 64. I have all three of them (making up for lost time! lol!) All very solid, well built bags.
I am an Advanced player (956 rating) and have my bag right at 16-18 discs depending on the round. I personally don't see a need for more then that. I know some Open players who will carry 20-30. I also know some top rated Open players who carry the same amount that I do. It really depends on what you are comfortable with. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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