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Before you tell me your disc of choice, do you hyzer flip mostly and let your disc do the work or do you manipulate it by tweaking your wrist or with body movement?


Right now, i'm using a 150 class sidewinder for hyzer flips, but don't seem to work in tailwinds.  They work best in headwinds or no wind. I want a disc that will flip over in a tailwind more easily.  My leopard works sometimes.  perhaps my sidewinder just needs more beating?!


I really want a good hyzer flip disc from Discraft, and one that holds an anhyzer line if thrown on an anhyzer angle.

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My favorite anhyzer disc is the Lat 64 Vision in Opto Line @165G. The plastic seems to be pretty durable, and the grip is excellent. Also, this disc consistently turns over for me, unless I do something wrong. I'm trying to find discs that do the work for me, rather than tweaking my throw too much. My line of thought is to let the disc do what it was made to do. One continuation of that line of thought is to just throw forehand, which is something I'm working on too.
If your looking to buy a disc definetly use and esp surge. For the first few months your have one they go really far and as they break in work great for hyzer flips.
I LOVE 171g Roadrunners for anhyzer shots. For me, the more beat in the better, so I prefer the star plastic over champion. You can easily throw it for a hyzer flip, as I often do, or you can sort of force it over with your release. The more beat up the disc is, the easier it will be to hyzer flip and the less likely it will be to fade back at the end of its flight, which is what I use this shot for in the first place. While all discs are much easier to turn over into the wind, the Roadrunner is also an excellent tailwind driver. Nonetheless, you are right that it's significantly harder to throw anhyzers with a tailwind...
Low 160's Star Roadrunner.
i throw a beat in 150 class pro-d dx for anhyzer shots. that disc flips over everytime i throw it and it holds the line really well
Champion plastic? The star version 150g sidewinder is significantly more understable in my experience. I don't think you'll find a much more understable disc. A lightweight discraft Glide makes an excellent tailwind disc. Give that a try. Midranges can often fly as far as drivers in a tailwind situation due to the added glide. I throw sidewinders and a 150 valk for anhyzers. In a tailwind situation you usually need to throw with a true anhzyer release in order to get the disc to finish right. I do this by pulling high across my body and sometimes (especially for rollers) leaning back slightly. I don't try to tweak my wrist to do it ever.
Stratus with a tail wind
167 star beast,nice and tuned.
I have a Z-Surge with the thumb grip on it and it is a super flippy disc, I just let it do the work for me. A good roller disc for Discraft would be a Stratus, maybe in X plastic or ESP.
Without a doubt the best most controllable anhyzer disc I have ever thrown is the Latitude 64 Vision. I can hyzer flip it into the wind and watch it just fly at a nice lazy right turn (rhbh) or I can throw it with an anhyzer angle and watch it make a nice controlled right turn and not fade back. I've never had a disc perform this well and reliable.
It all depends on the shot. Learn to do both.
The best Discraft disc that I have thrown is the ESP FLX Surge SS 172 or lower weights seem to do the trick.
I found that Roadrunners work best for me. Most predictable. Low speed to high speed. For slightly shorter shots BEAT in Rancho Rocs are pretty wonderful! I haven't thrown a stratus in a few years, but I think they work better for slower arm speeds.

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