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Before you tell me your disc of choice, do you hyzer flip mostly and let your disc do the work or do you manipulate it by tweaking your wrist or with body movement?


Right now, i'm using a 150 class sidewinder for hyzer flips, but don't seem to work in tailwinds.  They work best in headwinds or no wind. I want a disc that will flip over in a tailwind more easily.  My leopard works sometimes.  perhaps my sidewinder just needs more beating?!


I really want a good hyzer flip disc from Discraft, and one that holds an anhyzer line if thrown on an anhyzer angle.

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Good feedback, thanks gents. Well, my 150 class sidewinder is Star plastic, been curious about the Stratus and Impact for some time, not many have thrown the Impact as it is still new. I notice Roadrunners work well for many, but never have for me. They never consistently did what i wanted them to do. Oftentimes they turned into rollers which isn't what i was looking for. I have an ESP Surge 172g that isn't very flippy unless we're talking headwinds. I have an Avenger SS that pros rave about, but i can't be consistent at all with the disc. I dubbed it my Shankapotomus disc cuz i never know what its going to do. i haven't given it a fair shot either, perhaps more practice with it.

I really want a disc that i can hyzer flip in a tailwind and it flip over on a long anhyzer flight, just like my 150class sidewinder does in a headwind or no wind. Perhaps i'll have to use my body like others have suggested. i've tried it so many times, and it works half the time, the other half i turn it into a roller and then it rolls the opposite direction, very frustrating to say the least.
Champion Roadrunner! or Avenger SS
173 beat star valk, only disc i can anhyzer/turnover reliably
So true. In a tail wind distance situation I almost always bust out a Roc simply because I'm gonna lose very little distance vs my Destroyers and almost always drop it in the right spot. Actually if there's a decent tailwind and placement is really important I'll almost always throw a putter.
I'm tell'in ya, the Vision by Latitude 64 kicks A$$. I tried ALL of the discs mentioned and none compares to the Vision. Plus the plastic (Opto and Gold Line) is the best new plastic out there. You won't be sorry.
The impact is not very understable at all. It's a good straight disc, but if you're looking for tailwind turnover, it won't happen with that one. The stratus might be what you are looking for...especially if it's beaten in. I actually slammed a new one on the ground a bunch of times to get the flight of one that I had lost quicker, now I'll be getting a back up for it.

Keep practicing the anhyzer release (using the body). It is one of the hardest shots in disc golf to master, but it's rewards your efforts with strokes saved immediately. If you get it down well, then you won't have to rely on the disc to turnover (which takes a good speed sensitive throw). Then you can throw something stable on an anhyzer release and know it's going to go right within a wide range of speeds. Using an understable disc for this shot is the way to start things out...you get a little help then, even when you goof it up a bit.
Depending on how sharp I have to make the cut I will throw a buzzz for hyzerflip or a crystal challenger on a natural anhyzer either disc I can get about 350 out of. If I have to go further I generally grab for a crush.
Yes lets continue to kill american jobs by buying foreign.
discraft express
My best disc for a anhyzer is my Comet. And as stated with tail wind this disc will glide a mile.
Okay, well, I'm going to try to try one this summer. I love my sidewinder though. It would take a lot. I hold you personally responsible in advance for my disappointment.
A DX TeeBird will stay the course on a tailwind anhyzer. It's just that if you put too much on it, it keeps on going and going and going. But if you need that huge anhyzer shot, it does the trick. Replace when necessary because it's DX.

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