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What's your favorite escape disc? Whether it be a hammer throw through the trees or over the trees or a low ceiling tree misser, what disc gets you out of sticky situations and what kind of shots go with which discs?

Right now, I just use my normal playing discs such as a spider for pin point accuracy through trees, but I just chuck a low hammer with an aviar or spider for tight-quartered shots and also high, short distance tomahawk.

Any suggestions?

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Oh.... I thought you were talking about the Whippet!! lol!

P.S. I'm not a sick Bastard. I feel just fine...(rim shot)
Epic.. I can throw a tomahawk and have it come back right which is an invaluable addition.

I have a 173 Viper for spike hyzers
150 flx flick
I use my 2001 superbeat DX first run Valk (Super Understable) for a sidearm reach shot. I can release th disc six feet to the right of my mark, and make a nice right to left arc around the trouble. This disc just keeps turning over, and never comes back!
Depends on the escape route, spike hyzers or overhead will end up being a firebird (star or champion depending on how far out I need to go and how fast it has to turn over). Tight line will end up being a magnet or the comet. I think I've had more magical escape shots with the comet than any other disc.
For tight, short lines I usually throw a Rattler. I am probably best at anhyzer lines, forehand or backhand. I have a harder time being precise on hyzer lines. I'm not sure why.

Throwing hard, it is easier for me to control a hyzer. Throwing soft it is easier for me to control anhyzers.
Yet again, I agree with your final line. And yet again I just recently discovered this. I was throwing standstill drives the other day because I'm playing a tight short course tomorrow and all my hyzers were out of whack timing wise...I had a hard time getting a consistent release point on the hyzers. But I found it MUCH easier for me to throw an anhyzer on the line I wanted from a standstill.

Perhaps something about a run up facilliatates good body position for a hyzer and complicates the anhyzer throw?
Terry clued me into this escape throw...kind of like a lightweight suitcase throw motion (not underhand but over hand)...case in point, I was behind the big tree that is on the right side of 18 (525') at McClure...I had a decent drive (about 325' off the tee under a low ceiling) didn't have a hyzer or anhyzer line so I threw the forehand roller with an ESP Zone and parked it from about 200' out...finally parred that hole! First time! I land the disc about 30-50' feet in front of my lie and let the disc do the rest...try it...you will like it...

The funny thing is that I said to the group I was playing with before I threw the forehand roller, "Watch this." You know, kind of like when redneck says the same thing before jumping his AMC Gremlin over a ceek..."Heh ya'all...watch this!" Needless to say the group was stunned...hahaha
gonna have to be my Cro, or even my Wraith... most of the time my unorthodox use of my driver pays off multiple times over
Call me old-fashioned.... Champion Aviar, 172G.
With a z flick I and back hand around trees, ud over trees, and roll or sidearm through trees. It is my "go to on a tough lie" disc.
That is a very nice looking disc, Donny.

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