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What's your favorite escape disc? Whether it be a hammer throw through the trees or over the trees or a low ceiling tree misser, what disc gets you out of sticky situations and what kind of shots go with which discs?

Right now, I just use my normal playing discs such as a spider for pin point accuracy through trees, but I just chuck a low hammer with an aviar or spider for tight-quartered shots and also high, short distance tomahawk.

Any suggestions?

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A Beat DX Flat top Ontario Cobra will helix and snake its way to the hole.
Great roller disc for touch rollers that whip around the corner and wrap around the pole.

I really don't have an escape disc for the shule...all depends on the shot needed.......when in doubt........I whip it out!!!!

........That's a Roc......you sick bastards!
i was down in a hole today behind some 15' shore pines going for a raised basket on a 12' knoll ....... got the old purple blowfly out and gummed it out on a wide hyzer into the basket, it was blowing pretty hard but it was spinning hard and .... it collapsed into the basket and stuck ... the other great thing that disk did today was in hard wind grab, one chain and fold right into the basket helped me get three extra birdies that could have spat out ........... go blowfly go !
When I am really stuck in tight woods I use this shot a lot...I think Lotto called it "the suitcase" and I'll borrow that name because it's a good description of how you throw it(you throw the disc like you would a suitcase, if some unfortunate circumstance led you to do that):

Use your normal backhand grip for the shot. I use a TL for this shot, but I think just about any disc at all would work exactly the same. With the disc oriented straight up and down you reach straight down and a little behind you and then throw the disc in a straight up and down manner. The disc will go completely straight, but not very far as it isn't gliding at all. I used to use this shot only to go over things directly in my way that I couldn't get around and were too high and steep for a hammer or spike hyzer, but now I throw this shot through tight gaps through trees as well. I use less height for these shots. I can only throw the disc about 120 feet this way, but it's my best bet for hitting the gaps between tree trunks because it's easy to aim, it doesn't curve left or right at all and there's less disc width to contend with the trees. Oh, and the other nice feature is that because of the backspin on the shot, it hardly ever skips or rolls away. It just hits and dies where you hit for the high shots and squiggles and bounces on the more straight out shots.
The other shots I use out of trouble are a standstill shot with a really flippy disc, great when pegged behind a tree (I use a stratus).

Then short flick rollers with both hands. I get down on my knees for these shots so that I can control a softer landing. These can get you around corners that air shots cannot. And you can control the amt of curl you get by how much spin you use (this part takes practice).

Lastly I use the upsidedown putter shot to get under pines sometimes. I get on my knees again here and throw the disc upsidedown and slide it under the trees.

I once warranted the nickname "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" because of all my kneeling, stretching, crouching stances. I was hoping it would stick, maybe that's why I'm typing it here. It's always sad when you try to start your own nickname or propagate one. :-(
you said it. my panther has saved my butt many times. throw a crap drive...panther gets me close to the basket. in a tight spot...panther will find the line and get me out of trouble.
Z Xpress. Rollers, overhand shots, hyzers, anhyzers... what else is there? It does it all for me when I'm in Vietnam style rough
Hmmm... My Gator or panther. Just depends on the need.

I like a Gummy Star Whippet - X .
z pred
Nebula. I can backhand, forehand, and thumber it with great resaults

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