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I've tried out several different putters, finding none that I'm content with yet. Lately my Star Cro has been doubling as my putter of choice. What works well for you and why?

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Magic!!! It is slow and glides forever. It is extremely forgiving on low putts. The Magic helped cut 5 strokes from my game.
i've been putting with rhyno's since i start'd playing dg. it feels good in my hand and holds the line i put on it. i am currently using a special edition soft and i love it. i also love the omega supersoft putter.
I used to use a 12x KC Pro Aviar that felt pretty good till I lost it. Now.. believe it or not I use a DX 175g Hydra. I just feels good in my had and is a rock of a putter. Not to mention it doesn't like to turn over if it doesn't have too. So it's use off the tee works as well.
Banger gt's all the way.. Great for mid range rollers out of the shule, holds a line on drives. good for hyzer putts. I have a couple of aces with them to add to that as well.
I have used alot of others in the past aviars.. rhyno's.. ching's.. I was on a rhyno kick till the banger came out. since it has I have converted tons of people over to the banger's.. My wish this year is for a cryztal banger gt flx.
Aviar.........for all my normal putting duty I use the skull stamp no bead aviar putter, if it gets windy I go with the big bead aviar, If I really have to make a loooooong putt I go with a light (155 clasic "grid stamp" ) aviar.........now I don't know about all this 12x and 10x and whatever, my advice to you is find the putter you like....NOT some RARE gem that there is only 4 of in the world or something.......and get about 6 of em'.........if you lose 6 putters in the near future you got bigger problems than picking a putter...LOL.

174 Skull Stamp no bead Aviar.
I use Pro D Challengers. I used to put with a an aviar putt and approach, but the reason I switched is that the Challenger has less glide putting which actually helps me. It doesn't get caught up in the wind as much and feels more like throwing a rock into the basket than finessing a disc.

Off the tee the Challenger shines as well. It's a great disc to carry a couple of in a spectrum of stabilities. A new one will never turn over, a worn one will go dead straight, and a beat one will flip up from a hyzer for a sweet straight or turnover flight. It's nice to be able to keep it simple that way. One putter to do it all, the same feel in the hand.

That probably was the biggest key in picking a putter for me anyway, how does it feel in my hand while I'm putting. In putting I don't think there is one that is really that much better than the others. Go with what fits your grip best and has your desired level of tackiness. Pro D Challengers fit those criterion for me, but everyone is different.
Brandon got it right......no one putter is going to be THAT much better or worse it's just what YOU like....thats why I suggested to just find one you like and get a bundle.....you can use some of em to practice and some to play that is how I keep a nice beat in backup ready for the course.
Aviar P&A 172g - 175g Just what I have used since I have started, I know what it does.

I have a new FLX Challenger 175g im going to try over the winter.
wayhighoffire said:
i've been putting with rhyno's since i start'd playing dg. it feels good in my hand and holds the line i put on it. i am currently using a special edition soft and i love it. i also love the omega supersoft putter.

I'm with "wayhigh" on this one, I use a pro Rhyno and it has been a great putter for me and you can even drive short holes with it. It is a great all around, all use disc.
Ching JUJU's are the way to go.
86 softie, heavy weight, is a wonderful putter for short and medium putts, and layups where rolling is a risk.. It flies straight, floats, drops flat, and doesn't bounce out. Don't grip it hard, and use minimal spin. It's also a great disc for tomahawk and pancake shots as it usually won't won't roll away due to it's flexibility. A well broke in Roc or XD is great for longer putts.
I putted with Aviars for years, and I mean years. Then I bought an Omega Super Soft, because someone told me it was just like an Aviar, but lots softer. I tried it, and immediately stopped putting with the Aviar and went to it. The softness helps it absorb more of the kinetic energy when it hits the chains/pole, and I have had many putts stick in the side of the basket, and at least one go completely through the front of basket to lay comfortably on the pan!

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