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I am back in Idaho house sitting/animal watching for my Dad in Law. He has 5 acres with a 330 ft field I can practice throwing in. Its awesome to have a place to practice. Out throwing today and was focusing on making sure I am "Pulling through" my chest and following through. All of a sudden I hear and feel the snap. AWESOME. After that, I am feeling the snap EVERY throw, but EVERYTHING is going WAY right of where I am aiming now. Every time I think I have something figured out, something else pops up. So, now I am working on body positioning and my x step to compensate for the extra distance/pull right. 


Upside is I chucked farther than I have EVER thrown a few times. Just have to get it going in the right direction.


How do YOU approach/face for your run up/x step? Straight forward, at an angle, etc??????

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are you lh or rh?

Throwing RHBH. BUT, I think I just figured this out! Had a few beers then went out and tried again while I am Relaxed.... Lol. So, I have been throwing with the bent elbow technique rather than a straight arm reach back. I think is whats going on is that I got lazy using the bent elbow reach back. Now that I am trying to generate more power, my laziness caught up with me and has me throwing around my body instead of pulling through it. 


Threw about 20 throws going back to a straight arm reach back and my accuracy Immediately came back! Worked on it  as long as I could stand the mosquitos. After about 10-12 throws I chucked my ESP Meteor at a tree out about 280 ft and it landed a good 20 ft past it! I chucked a Mid Range disc to 300 ft! If I can keep up the consistency, I will be stoked.....

Jeff, this is just a glimpse at the full potential you can achieve through a proper hit at release. We all experience that over rotational late release with a super long throw every now and then. When we do, it always seems to result in a huge throw that just blasts to the right, for RHBH. Turning your body more to the left and trying to adjust the line and duplicate the results usually doesn't garner the same results. It was a flaw, or a fault that gave you a glimpse. The reality though, was that you held the disc longer and allowed your arm to extend longer down the line before release, giving you a nice snap.


If you want to try and duplicate that feeling into something regular that you can then work with and build into some nice snap, give this a try.


1. Grab a stack of your fairway drivers (Speed 7ish) and head to the field.

2. Pick a target about 250ft out with plenty of open sky and landing space.

3. Throw spike hyzers at the target. Note the reach back and how when you pull upward you can feel the weight of the disc build pressure against your grip. Also note that you pull way up past your right pec before you release the disc. Keep reaching down into the well and pulling up to the sky letting the left side of your body rotate in behind the release until you are snaping them bombs every time. Try and hit the target though, using your shoulder alignment at release to guide you, don't just throw to be throwing, this isn't warm up.

4. Now try and throw a normal flat line, trying to feel that same gravity pull on your grip and allowing your arm to travel well past your right pec and well down the target line and let your left side fall in behind the shot for a nice finish.

5. Chances are you won't or didn't feel that gravity pull on your grip like when you where throwing the spikes, don't get frustrated, theres a method. When you reach back, really reach back, and you'll have to slow down your run up to work it into your timing. You can build run up speed back in later, go slow, step by step. Now that you have reached way back, start your pull forward steady and slowish, increasing the speed once you hit your right pec and keep accelerating out to and past the hit. It helps to pull from a lower arm slot as well, maybe 6 inches above the waist, this gets more of your core involved, help with the acceleration as you pull down the line. Getting this part right will give you that pressure of the disc pulling on your grip as you come into the hit.

6. You'll have to really make a concious effort to keep your arm on line and pulling out to the target. You will find that you have to get that weight tranfered forward to reach out that far to get the arm extended like when you where throwing the spikes. It may feel awkward, like you are reaching out unaturally. Thats what the body rotation is for when you let your left side fall in behind the throw for a nice finish.

7. Go at a walking pace to start. Keep the timing right. If you increase your arm speed, you'll have to incrementally increase the other elements of the throw as well. If things get out of wack and aren't feeling right (The reachback, the pull, the follow through) go back to throwing the spike hyzers and break it down in your mind as you go through the steps. Then use the break down to get back in and fix the flat line shots.


This was really long, and it may not be the key for you achieving your goals. But....the fundamentals are sound and won't cause any damage. Give a go and let me know.

Sweet! Thanks Dook for the Info! I will give this a try.  Sounds interesting... 


I know I am achieving MUCH better results going back to a straight arm reachback, in distance AND accuracy. Threw for a bit this morning and ALL of my mids are going as far as my drivers were,not 2 days ago. I have also been able to land them all in a 30 ft tree gap. It seems like this is how it goes for me. I throw and throw and throw, then 1 day, BOOM, something just clicks. I LOVE it.

My walk up (x-step) is still very slow. I just walk it. I only use a 3 step x-step approach.


I will try your method later today after this friggin' headache goes away and let you know how it works! Thanks again Dook!

Release with more hyzer angle and let the disc flip up to just past flat for the most glide.

-or- Get discs that are more overstable or heavier so they can absorb/counter some of that snap and torque.


Jeff, the practice that Dookville is talking about will be great with some of your understable discs to see what a hyzer flip is like. you'll get your spike hyzer's, but when you start duplicating the snap you felt, you'll see it flip flat and maybe turn over. If I remember right, you have a Vision; this should be a good hyzer flip disc. My friend uses it with great results. I don't think your Avenger SS is really a fairway driver, but I bet you'll get some great hyzer flip results as it breaks in. These produce the best "golf lines." Good luck with reproducing the snap.

My fav is the River for fairway drivers.

Nice, that just happened for me not to long ago, I started getting 80 -100 more D, and I was able to lay it where I wanted it to go!

You know Jeff, early on, I personally couldn't keep my drives from going left. I'm not saying your drives are doing what mine did, I'm just making this point. I started looking on You Tube for some answers; the first video that popped up is MasterBeatos drive drill. In the video he works the throw from the right pec out, no reach back. This really forces you to make a powerful turn using your lower body and shoulders, and you have to keep your weight forward and really accelerate the arm from the right pec and reach way down the line to get any distance. Once you get the accelration down and start incorporating it into a full reachback and hit the timing, magic happens.

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