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So this weekend I believe I am going ot move into the pro division. I won the points series for last years Advanced Players and won probably 7 out of 12 Monthlies at this park. During our PDGA I shot 4 rounds rated at 904, 892, 917 and 954. The park is not hard and is my "home" park. The only thing I dont like, the pros are so serious and take a long time!!! Is it just here or is this everywhere?? I know they are playing for money, but to me, it looks like a lot of our local pros, dont enjoy the game. Dont get me wrong, I am "party" free but dont mind kidding and people talking trash and mess. Just keeps the game fun! It seems like my mental preperation for this event, is just hoping I dont piss off the "pro's"!! Any advice for my first attempt??

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I would dabble and concentrate on unsanctioned tournaments which are less expensive, typically more relaxed, and draw Ams like you wanting to test the waters.

I agree with your observation that pros (and good players in general) as a whole take longer to execute a shot. An experienced pro may have 3 different options to a basket, the wind is gusty, and 4 different discs to get the job done. It takes some people a while to make a decision and then there is the pre-shot routine ....

And yes, the age-protected divisions are considerably lower key -- we are afraid of having a heart attack if we get too stressed out. :-)
Best of luck
Those scores don't cash in am2 round here, try to play with some pros for cash not in a tourny to get a feel for it your gonna get smoked at first regardless till your game picks up and if ther is no comp in your division you have no choice but going pro. You will know soon enough if your in the right place. My advice for the round is do not pay attenion to what other players are doing there pros there good stick with what you know and dont try rollers unless your good at em
Ams play for fun and Pros play for money. Of course Pros play for fun as well, but the time for fun is not during a PDGA tournament round. Each and every shot counts when you play in the top division. In Advanced, you can make a few mistakes during the round and still manage to place well or even win. However, in the Open division, just one mistake can take you off the top card and more than one mistake will likely take you out of the cash altogether. Most Pros have learned they need to be serious about every single shot if they want a chance to win. This means taking a little more time to think about each shot. Many pros also have pre-shot routines to help combat nerves and develop consistency.

Some people just play slow. Try not to let the slow play affect you or interfere with your game. When I know I will be playing with slower players, I bring my chair and my MP3 with headphones and enjoy my "personal" time while I wait. Stewing on every hole about so-and-so taking forever to throw is a good way to suck the fun out of any round.


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