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So this weekend I believe I am going ot move into the pro division. I won the points series for last years Advanced Players and won probably 7 out of 12 Monthlies at this park. During our PDGA I shot 4 rounds rated at 904, 892, 917 and 954. The park is not hard and is my "home" park. The only thing I dont like, the pros are so serious and take a long time!!! Is it just here or is this everywhere?? I know they are playing for money, but to me, it looks like a lot of our local pros, dont enjoy the game. Dont get me wrong, I am "party" free but dont mind kidding and people talking trash and mess. Just keeps the game fun! It seems like my mental preperation for this event, is just hoping I dont piss off the "pro's"!! Any advice for my first attempt??

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Play in an age protected division as soon as you can! Even the pros in those divisions are mellow. If you are playing Open, don't be afraid to cite rule violations. Although this might seem like a buzzkill, it actually gives the group more peace of mind, because they don't have to worry about the group dynamics of "I wonder what this group thinks about the Rules".
I moved up for the compitition, I want to be seriouse out there. A PDGA event is where you bring your A game, time for all that practice and obsessive behavior to pay off! Belive me, all them pros LOVE this gave and enjoy it(even with the frowny face), Their priority is to shoot well and in most cases, to cash. try it. It might help you put into perspective where your skill level is and where it needs to go in order to BE pro. Don't worry about pissing anyone off, just make sure you follow all rules because they will let you know if you don't (unlike most am div) keep it real
Play age protected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But don't think the competition will be any less. Not sure how it is around there, but here in Oklahoma, the Masters will out shoot the Pros quite often and if they don't they are always close.

The difference is their attitude, calm and collected most all of the time. We didn't get this old by being foolish and at masters age, they don't take as long. We don't have much time left. :) Hell, I've stopped buying green bananas.
Let use how it go's!!!
well, if you're a pro and don't like the hoopla you've seen associated with it, change that dynamic, make it fun.
Hey Tino !! Congrats on moving up to Pro !! You coming down for the Raleigh Winter Jam and Ice Bowl in a couple weeks ?

I think everything changes when your money is going somewhere and it's up to you to win that money back. The economy stinks right now and I'm sure some of those pro's putting in 10 -15 bucks or more a tourney... see that adding up. I wouldn't say I'd take it slow.. for me .. it makes me start thinking TOO much. It'd be serious for me to concentrate if I'm doing the best I can in a tourney. I'm sure the pro's don't mean to put a damper on the "fun" of it.. some just get into their zones differently. Barry.. cranks out the tunes ... some people don't talk much and concentrate from hole to hole.. some people talk to others to keep their mind off the huge drive they need to make to have a shot.. it's all different dude.

Hope to see you out at the events.
So good luck. You might want to dabble in the Pro division, rather than turn Pro irrevocably. Try it out and see how it goes but don't abandon the Amateur ranks just yet. Your PDGA handicap rating says you are not playing on a Pro level yet and North Carolina has a solid and deep base of Pros. Probably, just like Michigan, you will need to average 1000 rated rounds to have any hope of winning or even cashing in Pro.

"Serious and slow" does not describe all Pros or only Pros. Speed of play and quality of play have little relationship to each other. There are fast Pros and slow Pros just like there are fast and slow Amateurs.

While Pros take the game seriously, there are outwardly happy-go-lucky Pros, just fewer than their Amateur brethren. Many Pros are not happy with themselves unless they are throwing well but few act out. The more you practice the more it hurts when you mess up. You will likely shade in this direction as well as you gain experience.

And yes, the old guy Pro divisions are much friendlier and nicer and more fun than the Open division.
I can vouch for Mark on this one. I have spotted for several tournaments, and the nicest groups were the AM4's, Masters and Women's divisons. They all seemed to still get why we started playing this sport. For Fun. It's up to you individually, but go ahead, take your game as far as you want. I personally don't want to go above AM3s. But for you...go ahead and do it! I can't wait to see your name on a disc !
I beleive I will be making Kentwoods winter jam. Last year, I took first in the am division at this event. Hope to see you there.
thanks for hte words Mark. I play locally in a "monthly event" every weekend. I am only going ot be playing pro on this one local course as it is my most played (weekly) course. The other 3 parks, I would say I am a decent Advanced player and plan on sticking wiht that for a bit still. I may have won the advanced points race for these, but I attend every event possible, not necessarily win every event. I do appreciate everones help and words!
I would dabble and concentrate on unsanctioned tournaments which are less expensive, typically more relaxed, and draw Ams like you wanting to test the waters.

I agree with your observation that pros (and good players in general) as a whole take longer to execute a shot. An experienced pro may have 3 different options to a basket, the wind is gusty, and 4 different discs to get the job done. It takes some people a while to make a decision and then there is the pre-shot routine ....

And yes, the age-protected divisions are considerably lower key -- we are afraid of having a heart attack if we get too stressed out. :-)
Best of luck

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