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So my finals are over but im stuck in rolla till friday. Today i kept my self busy with a couple rounds and then some fishing for discs. I went into the pond with some crappy shoes and an old hockey stick. I found 4 discs 2 of which were friends discs and 2 unmarked discs a 150 avenger and a dx valk.
I was wondering if anyone else has done this and have found any good techniques. OR just if anyone has some good stories of saving discs from davey jones' locker

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Much to the amazement of family and friends I used to go in all the time at Vista del Camino. When I was younger I'd stay in for a while digging up all kinds of discs, I'd stay in til chased out sometimes. I remember once politely telling an officer "hey I've got $8 dollars in here" he replied something to the effect of oh well. I still go in now but I just want to get in and out with my disc. No extra looking now. Funny recent story; One day I yanked a Surge 150 into the local pond. My son(25) wouldn't let me go in and he went in for me. I told him where I thought it was and he around barely touching the area. Any way he didn't find my disc and we headed home. A week or two later were out playing again(I figure that disc is gone, found by someone and I may or may not get it back) and we're playing that hole again(first time since the loss) and I decide to play it real safe with the wind blowing into the pond. I throw my last Surge 150 real wide.hoping it will turn over follow the hill to the hole not even flirting with the water. Well it did turnover but more than I expect and it ends up in the water, but it's floating. I go into to try and get it but it keeps floating away from me. Just as I decide that I'm just going let it float hoping it will get near shore, I look down and find my first Surge. Yes and it was basically where I thought it was to begin with. We thought it was pretty funny and yes after the round I was able to get Surge number 2 back. Luckily it's a pretty small pond.

nice!! when you used to look around for a bit what did you use to look for discs?

I have spent many an hour squishing around in a pond. 6 inches of water+ 12 inches of Muck= Good times. I have also spent many a rainy day throwing my disc diver around in a nasty brown creek. Both have had great success. Between finding some really cool peoples discs. After calling them and hooking up for a round. And several really good donations into my collection. Plus the only thing I ever charge from people is a pepsi or bottle of water from the gas station on the way to a course. Nah, I have them grab me one and give them a buck. I believe in Karma.
ya this pond is pretty nasty i wore some shoes. probly could have found more with out tho.
at memorial park me and my friend the krumm went in for the first time 2 years ago and we found 35 discs 24 which i found and the others were my friends... and we have been gooning since
There is a pond out here that I have gone into a few times to retrieve my discs. Of course I'm not allowed to sleep in my own bed for a few days after. No matter how many showers you take after going in this pond the smell is still there, but I'm not giving up my plastic.
oh i forgot to mention there is a park that is right along a river. THe guy who designed it must be a stoner because he didnt think about the water rising. The course is flooded for half of the year. My brother went swiming in it during low tide and came back with 50+ discs. thats what really got me started in the sport because he gave me 6 or so nice discs.
Before every round, I walk the water using my polarized glasses and retriever. I use a retractable aluminum ball golf retriever and just removed the plastic cup. They sell them at Wally World for less than $15. I then screwed in an eye hook and sharpened the end to a nice point. Then placed a small piece of plastic tubing over the point.
This sounds similar to my father and me. I visit him in Georgia a couple of times a year and we inevitably end up searching one of the many water hazards for discs. The first time we ended up with 40+ discs and a "talking to" from the park ranger about alligators and brown water snakes.
I've been in many ponds and creeks after tourny's digging out disc before any thiefs do. Most of the time I get about 10 disc and start trying to find owners, and if the nameless I just give them to new players. I think I still got like 3 or 4 disc laying around the house with peoples names but no number, I will find the owner some day lol
lol is it call riverbends in grand rapids mi that course is the same way you have to wade out waist deep to get your disc out of a few baskets

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