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A helpful programming coordinator at one of the stations in Wisconsin broadcasting Disc Golf Live hooked me up with some other community stations recently. I've sent program DVDs out and the show should be seen soon. Here are the cities I've heard from:



Fitchburg (and the show will be passed to Verona, Oregon, and a few others nearby)

Look for shows on the air in these towns soon.

Our contact in Milwaukee left the area. If there's a resident there who wants to submit a free copy of my shows, let me know. And for folks in other towns with community access, our DVDs are provided free to our broadcast partners. There are a ton of stations in communities large and small, in Wisconsin and just about every other state out there.

Best regards to all,


Joe Wander
Producer and Editor
Disc Golf Live video magazine

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Do you know if disc golf live is on the air in the Houston area? If not, you should look into it!
Looking to hook something up in southern Wis( Janesville ) But honestly dont know where to start. Organization skilkls not so good
Scot -

I surfed over to the Janesville website, not too much detail there. Operates out of the library if I'm not mistaken. I checked out the schedule and I'm thinking they might have a big time "must be local" rule. (They mention they have rules about what can be submitted but don't list them...someone would have to go there or give them a call I suppose.) If a local resident contacts them and reviews the rules and they'll take the show, I'd be happy to get DVDs into the right people's hands.

Nick -

I've sent copies to folks in the Houston area more times than I care to remember through the years but nothing has panned out. Its not in my hands, you see, but in the hands of the local residents. That's the case with most every station out there. Local residents are required to submit shows. The "what's playing" list in Houston includes some out of town goodies, so I know they'd play Disc Golf Live. Unfortunately, most disc golfers just want to play a round of golf.

Take care,

Well hey, let me know what I need to do and I'll try to get it going in Houston.
Hi, Nick -

Thanks for your interest. The place to start is the local station. Here's a link:


I checked and saw they accept DVDs. The ones I produce for broadcast don't use a menu to play the contents (which fits with their rules.) Otherwise, they've probably got some training and or paperwork to join and there are probably minimal fees (which I hope could be covered by the local disc golf club. The club could join the station as an organization, perhaps, and pick up the membership fees).

Being a larger station (just as a general trend I've noticed) they have a few hoops to jump through, but broadcasts would reach a large number of folks. Check things over and give them a shout if it sounds like something you'd be up for (and you meet their membership rules, etc). Once you get things arranged at the station, I can get some DVDs into your hands to submit.

Let me know what happens.

Best regards,

I live just outside of milwaukee and I am familiar with many of the areas in southeast wisconsin. I would be more then happy to help out in any way. There are many local stations in the area and I think It would be awesome if they all started playing something other then what is happening in the local council or schools.
Hi, Jason -

There are a bunch of stations out there, indeed. Some will only play "local" productions, but most will play whatever a local resident wants to submit (within minimal guidelines). If you can scare up some action at local stations, I'd be happy to send DVDs along as warranted. I've just gotten started with a file sharing website just for PEG stations and producers, so hopefully I'll be able to set up an easy way for stations to download my shows into their programming servers. I'll post more when I get that worked out.

If you can scare up a local Milwaukee resident to submit the show, that would be great since its such a big station. (They played the shows in the past but my local contact moved out of the area.) But large or small, any outlet is a good one, in my book at least. Usually, all it takes is a local resident and some paperwork.

Let me know what develops.

Take care,


jason san filippo said:
I live just outside of milwaukee and I am familiar with many of the areas in southeast wisconsin. I would be more then happy to help out in any way. There are many local stations in the area and I think It would be awesome if they all started playing something other then what is happening in the local council or schools.
I know a good amount of people who live in milwaukee. I will see what I can do
I recently got hooked up with a sweet content sharing website for PEG media producers. I'm able to upload episodes of Disc Golf Live video magazine and station managers/programmers can download the shows to their database. No muss, no fuss, its just that easy. Several stations where my show is being carried picked up on this, which is cool. But what is cooler is that I'm getting new broadcast outlets almost daily as the file sharing system is growing rapidly.

For folks in Wisconsin, here are some new stations coming on line:

Wausau area access channels
New London

Shows were also downloaded by stations in other states, including Maine (Saco River), Iowa (Fairfield), and West Virginia (Huntington Beach), Mass. (Amherst). I'm sure more will follow as word gets out among station staff across the country.

Its way cool and way easy. Here's the file sharing station. You could send this link to your local station and let them know you'd like to see some DG on TV. How cool would that be?


Best regards,

According the the Whitewater station website, they also serve the following communities via Charter Cable:
Lake Mills,
New Glarus,
Fort Atkinson,
and Palmyra

Dang! That's a lot of folks who'll be getting some DG on TV.


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