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So I was hurling one of my Rocs against a brick wall a few too many times and I guess it got tacoed pretty bad on the same spot multiple times. Anyway it developed a very small crack. I took a hanger and a lighter and burned the plastic back together then sanded it to be the same as the rest of the disc.


Is this legal for pdga play?

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The pdga police are going to get you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That would be a no.

I would say no, it's not legal anymore.  once you cracked it, it was done for, I'm fairly certain that melting it back together is not all to legal for tourney play either.But let's all wait for Chuck to chime in and give the offical ruleing.


For the sake of this discussion if the shoe was on the other foot and you noticed some using a putter with dog bites in it would you call him out on it? 

The way I am reading it, once it cracked, it is no longer valid for Tourney play. No matter what was done post crack. Just how I am reading it.... Sorry to hear your Roc busted.

Two letter answer is still..No.

hang it on the wall;>}

Or throw it as hard as you can into the lake! Always My favorite was to say goodbye to a good disc... or some time even a good friend :) mah ha ha

I'm still reading this sentence "A disc which is cracked or perforated is illegal." It doesn't say a disc that has been cracked or perforated is illegal, it says that if it is.


And if I saw someone with visible holes in their disc I would probably say something. However the result on this disc is basically a small rough looking area that could have been caused by hitting a tree. There's no actual cut in it anymore.


I will admit I am rather remiss to give up my beat in roc :-P

Ok..throw your disc..if anyone can remember this posting confesstion/during a tourney you lose.

This falls into the catogory of .."don't ask,don't tell"


Survey Saaaaaaaayyyyyyys........No!


You should have kept it between you, the Roc and the wall. HA!


Now that you shared all the gruesome details of purposely throwing it into a brick wall...(I can't completely wrap my head around throwing any disc into a wall...let alone...a Roc...Ouch!!!) ....it's useless now, according to the rules, for sanctioned play.


But for casual and/or non sanctioned play...I don't have a problem with someone using a disc that has a crack in it. For one, a small crack is not going to effect any flight characteristics....once the crack is big enough to actually effect the flight...it isn't going to be to "'Good" side.


Yeah the rule is a little vague and obviuosly there is room for some other interpretations....like yours.

By the rules...and one way I've heard it interpreted...technically we aren't allowed to "tune" a disc. That would be bending it back forth...like a lot of us do right before we drive. Also throwing purposely into a wall could be construed as post production modifying.

Time for a New Roc !
Or a softer wall??? :) Is throwing it into the wall to break it in, or are you just practice chucking into a backstop? Just curious, Ian... :)
I was breaking it in. A brick wall seems to work really well, chews on the disc quite a bit.

I lost my understable roc not too long ago and I had been missing it. :(


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