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So I was hurling one of my Rocs against a brick wall a few too many times and I guess it got tacoed pretty bad on the same spot multiple times. Anyway it developed a very small crack. I took a hanger and a lighter and burned the plastic back together then sanded it to be the same as the rest of the disc.


Is this legal for pdga play?

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Could you possibly quote a section of the rules instead of just saying "nope"!

Here's what I read: 


B. A disc which is cracked or perforated is illegal. See sections 802.01 D, E and F. A disc which is cracked during a round may be carried by the player, but not used, for the balance of the tournament. The player must immediately declare his intention to carry the newly cracked or broken disc to the group or be subject to penalty under 802.01 E.

C. Players may not make post-production modification of discs which alter their original flight characteristics. This rule does not forbid inevitable wear and tear from usage during play or the moderate sanding of discs to smooth molding imperfections or scrape marks. Discs excessively sanded or painted with a material of detectable thickness are illegal. See sections 802.01 D, E and F.


Since my disc is neither cracked nor has it had postproduction changes to alter the flight characteristics I would think it's alright.

As you said: "it developed a very small crack"

Rule states: B. A disc which is cracked or perforated is illegal.

Disc is illegal for tournament play. Melting the plastic would be a post production modification.

Well, it is no longer cracked which means B. wouldn't apply.

As far as C. It says changes that "alter their original flight characteristics". Does sealing a crack and sanding it smooth qualify?

ha ha ha! this has got to be the funniest discussion i've come across. first off, throwing your disc into a brick wall! i'm sure you were trying to break it in, but man, what a funny start! then you back up your "fixing" of the disc with the rules! no disrespect man, it's just really funny that you read it that way.


hey, maybe you're right though. people put their discs on their dash with the hot defogger on. people sand the gouges out of their edges. you could make a case that what you did is on a similar level.


let's hear what chuck has to say though

It's not funny losing your most beat in roc, ya bastard. :)

And honestly based on how the rules were written I don't see where I could be in the wrong. 

It's funny when you lose it by throwing it at a brick wall!

Haha the brick wall is the sickest rough to play out of

i think when you melted the plastic with a lighter, it became a post-production modification. it's a close call because there are things that people do to their discs to make them become more pliable, but i'm not sure if it's on quite the same level that a lighter and hanger sealing is.

Yeah this was very targeted and it has had 0 effect on the disc flexibility/shape/flight path. 


Would love to hear from someone who knows for sure.

Ask Chuck Kennedy. 



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